Nothing like waking up in the morning, grabbing the phone to check the snow report and BOOM – 10″ in the last 24 hours! I raced to the mountain this AM, coffee in hand, grinning ear to ear.

The non-groomed runs were super soft turns, the kind where you can’t feel the base underneath because there’s just enough depth of new snow. I’d put this morning in top two days of the season for me, with Christmas day 11″ being up there as well.

You cannot beat the feeling of actually feeling your skis float in the powder. Instead of talking about how awesome it is, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Stacey Carney enjoying the pow on upper Closets


Erik Berggren likes powder for breakfast

A beautiful morning on the mountain, somewhat warm, overcast on the top to keep the turns soft, sunny and warm at the base.

View of the Yampa Valley

Tomorrow should be as good or better than today, with 3-6″ expected later today and another 3-6″ overnight! I am certain to be pressing glass in the gondola line tomorrow!

Enjoy the powder day – there are plenty of soft turns up there still!


Byron Carney, Alpine skier

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