NEWSFLASH – there is NOBODY on the mountain today and the groomers are the best of the season!

Amazing carving turns are to be had today! The kind where you get to dip your edges a couple inches deep into the fresh corduroy, big sweeping GS turns all the way down the mountain, rinse and repeat. The groomers are oh so nice, and did I mention there is NOBODY on the mountain today? I realized after looking through my photos I don’t believe there is a single person in any of the photos I took!

Sweeping view of the Yampa Valley from Storm Peak South trail

Top of Storm was a little wind-blown first 10 turns, otherwise soft succulent corduroy.

Virtually every run I had to myself

Sunset trail from Storm Peak was in awesome condition. Only a handful of tracks down the trail, nobody there, plenty of room to open it up!

Sunset trail

After cruising down Sunset, I’d skate down the Duster catwalk to either bottom of Rainbow or B.C. Liftline.

B.C. Liftline

I even partook in some Volkswagen sized bumps on White Out, it reminded me of the days when I’d bang out my knees all day on the bumps at Mary Jane when there was fresh snow, only Steamboat’s bumps stay softer for much, much longer.

White Out

After shooting up Storm Peak for a handful of bombers (that’s skiing groomers really, really fast for the out of towners) down Tornado and Twister. I traversed from the Rainbow saddle over to the Thunderhead lift for one of my favorite groomers on the ski area, Vagabond.

The recent cold temperatures have kept the valley nice and cold, leading for some lasting soft turns for days after the storm. It was colder than #%$@&$^&#% walking to the gondola this morning, the weather inversion was in full effect making the top of the mountain a good 20 degrees warmer.

Happy GS turns,


Byron Carney, Alpine skier

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