Have you seen the snow forecast for the next couple days? Oh yeah, the snow IS coming!

Depending on which online powder forecaster you follow they are anticipating fresh snow in Steamboat every day from today through Monday! According to OpenSnow 2-4″ tonight, 4-9″ Friday, 5-10″ Saturday, 5-7″ Sunday, 1-3″ Monday. Your snow dances have been working because it’s going to feel like winter again in no time! This is great news as our snow has been melting with the warmer temperatures we’ve experienced. Don’t get me wrong, I love bluebird spring skiing with a t-shirt on as much as the next person but would rather make soft powdery turns any day of the week over bluebird groomers. You can’t beat fresh snow everyday for multiple days and that’s what Steamboat has on tap! Refill those spots that need some additional coverage and keep the locals and tourists smiling.

This morning’s conditions are pretty much how it’s been for the last week. Cool overnight, warming throughout the day, high today of 51! A little icy early morning so I stuck with the freshly groomed runs until the sun started working it’s magic on the snow.

On days like today I just enjoy being on the mountain, my happy place. I’m continually reminded on the chairlift and meeting people from around the world just how lucky we are to call Steamboat home. Even on days when there is no new snow I can assure you it sure beats sitting in front of a computer reading about someone else skiing!

See you on the mountain!


Byron Carney, Alpine skier

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