For those looking to give this a quick skim, check conditions, and get back to your Super Bowl preparations, I'm going to cut right the chase.


Conditions are great.  No matter where you decide to ski.  Period. 


There, I said it.  If that's all you needed to read then you can now get on with your day.  For those who want to know WHY... read on.

This morning I made a point to ski as much terrain as I possibly could in 90-minutes.  And let me tell you, there is some incredible variety one can ski in such a short amount of time.  Those that like smooth, gently rolling groomers will adore the Tomahawk run today.  The recent snow has combined with last night's nippy air to produce the perfect marriage of carvable corduroy and stiff, secure base.   Now if you're looking for some leftover powder stashes from Thursday's dump, be sure to cut skier's left at the top of Tomahawk and catch a pitch of ankle deep fluff that's often overlooked.  Pictured above, you'll see that there is still a ton of silky smooth powder just calling your name.  The colder overnight temperatures have sucked some moisture out of this last snowfall too, leaving nothing but light, flaky pow.

For the tricksters amongst us, I happened to stumble upon a completely natural "terrain park" towards the bottom of the Baby Powder run.  The wind seems to have graced us with 3 consecutive lips of snow that give skiers and riders a chance to catch air off of Mother Nature's finest features.  Not being one to pass up a chance to catch some wind under my skis, I launched each one and can report that the landings are soft, forgiving and quite enjoyable.  So have fun, take a chance and enjoy these neat little ramps of snow if you can.

Towards the tail end of my quick and exciting jaunt on the mountain, I was able to manage one ride up Morningside and hike to North St. Pats.   This experts-only terrain is holding up incredibly well.  The steep pitch was holding snow like a champ and I spotted powder puffs galore.  I happened to notice a few scraped-off rock faces that you can expect in this area of the mountain (so ski with care) but the general consensus is that the coverage over there is excellent.  Shooting myself out Last Chance an onto Flying Z,  I was comforted to once again ski a well groomed section that felt gentle on my knees.


My final run of the morning was down Valley View which turned out to be yet another highlight of my day.  Upper Valley View was so smooth and vacant you can carve giant slalom turns with the ease of a World Cup racer.  The icy chill on my cheeks added to the thrill ride and I couldn't help but hope for more time to ski.  But alas, I have a job to do and that's to give you today's straight talk on mountain conditions.


I hope you enjoyed today's report.  The bottom line for anyone still wondering... no matter where you ski today, you'll have no problem finding the conditions you enjoy most.  So get out there and get some before I change my mind and head back up to steal your tracks.  Just kidding, I wouldn't do that.


David Wittlinger, Alpine Skier

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