Alright Straight Talk fans, I know that if you missed yesterday's powder day, and read Dave W.'s report, you were less powder hound and more like one of Pavlov's dogs... salivating not at the bell, but at the 5 a.m. report.

The good news is, after heavy snow fell and we blew past the 200" mark for the year, and the temperatures dropped below zero. The bad news is the temperatures dropped below zero. Yes it's bittersweet: good for snow as the cold temps will keep the powder nice for a few more days. Yet a bit hard to stay out for very long.

I first chose Four Points lift. My reasoning was it's a bit slower so there's less wind resisistence.  Plus STorm Peak wasn't open yet as I'm up here early, and it's an even 10 below zero at the top. Although it just gets to a point where cold is cold, and the temps just don't matter. I do enjoy the Four Points lift on early mornings, especially after a good snow because I love looking at the trees that line Tornado, Nelson's, Twister and over to Hurricane.

One thing I love about the day after a powder day, when the clouds clear and you can see again, it's simply beautiful. Mother Nature is quite an artist and the skiers and snowboarders who enjoyed the powder yesterday, also added to her masterpiece. While I love to find pockets of fresh untracked snow (and I think you will in the fresh trees), I also love to admire the look of a run the next day.  Especially first thing in the morning.

You need vertical today as the groomed, flatter slopes are a bit sitcky.  However heading down upper Rainbow over to Hurricane the snow was super soft, and fluffy where it wasn't groomed. I even found some deep stashes skier's left on upper Hurricane. But after a couple runs I needed to warm up.

The forecast is calling for a gradual warm up this week with another chance of snow this weekend. We also have a slight chance of more snow today or tonight. As I mentioned, we've passed the 200-inch milestone - not bad for the first week of January! We are at 211" so far this year with a base of 67" mid-mountain and 84" at the summit. Everyone in Steamboat is marveling at how good the snow is this year. Hope to see you on the slopes soon, and bundle up!


Riley Polumbus


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Comment by TeleJunkie on January 11, 2011 at 6:00pm
Was there all weekend (Fri thru Mon) and can attest that there were still plenty of fresh, even untracked, pockets if you were willing to explore and sniff them out!   Wow, what a day it was on Sunday....   :)


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