Today is the day, the perfect day to ski the Chutes.  Nearly 300 inches of natural snowfall (a couple of fresh last night) + north facing slope (sun shaded) = HEAVEN in the steeps! 

I'm adding a lot of pictures today because the Chutes were epic this morning.  There are three named Chutes, which are accessed via the top of the Morningside Lift. As you can see, I skied first tracks down each of the Chutes in the same day, which is a first for me. 


Where is everyone on the mountain this morning? Echo. Echo.. Echo...


I love skiing the Chutes because there's no hiking involved and the steepness of each gets my adrenaline flowing.  There is only one way to ski the Chutes: with confidence and with your boards pointed downhill.  Try not to slide down sideways for two reasons, (1) you'll brush all the powder off the narrow Chute making the people above you frown and (2) you will hit a rock and fall over. 


Chute 1

Follow the "Chute 1" sign, which sits below Chute 2 as you head down the Ridge.  While each of the Chutes is rated "Experts Only," Chute 1 is the easiest because it's the widest.  My turns down Chute 1 were powdery and light.  The freshly-fallen snow had a higher moisture content, which kept my speed in check and allowed me to float atop the snowpack.  The picture below is taken from the top of Chute 1. 

Chute 2 (Pictured First in this Report)

Chute 2 is the favorite Chute of many locals.  It is accessed via the "Chute 2" sign to the left of the top of the Morningside lift.  Chute 2 is narrow in many spots, which adds a fun challenge.  This morning, I blazed trail down a narrow section of Chute 2.  Turn after turn, my skis popped from pillow to pillow of fresh pow pow.  My line down Chute 2 felt the steepest of the lines I skied this morning and also the deepest.

Chute 3

Chute 3 was my favorite today!  Chute 3 is accessed directly straight off and to the right of the Morningside lift.  I didn't see a "Chute 3" sign this morning.  The top of Chute 3 is fragmented by trees, which keeps the fresh lines separated until they merge about halfway down, as pictured below.  The middle of Chute 3 held amazing fresh powder lines and I would have gone right back up and skied it again, if I had time. 


Below is the top of Chute 3.


Below is the middle section of Chute 3.

There is fresh powder everywhere and more on the way this weekend.  Go test out the Chutes for yourself and remember my advice: ski with confidence and point those boards downhill! 


Smiling from ear to ear,

Meghan Lutterman

Alpine Steep Skier


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