I can tell there is an air of disappointment in this town by the short line of faces 'pressing glass' waiting for the gondola to open. I know this is due to the snowfall - or lack therof - this morning. But don't let that be your excuse - get on out here becauset the snow is wonderful. Did somebody say "Snow Fish?"

On our trip up Four Points I could see that the snow on Nelsons and Twister looked good - smooth bumps, not too hard, with a dusting of new snow on them... I'd have to catalog that for later. I have a friend in from the East Coast and I wanted to ease him into things so we warmed up on Sunset to Lower Rainbow. The snow is still great - it has not warmed sufficiently during the daytime to melt, thus it remains grippy and smooth FUN! I did not find an icy patch anywhere this morning.

I wanted to show my guest a bit more of our mountain than just groomed runs, so we took a ride up Storm Peak. Remembering what I saw from the Four Points chair earlier, we went to the far skier's right and cut across The Ridge and toward Big Meadow. The ungroomed snow has small, smooth bumps and is relatively soft. We were both so impressed we made another run taking a different lane toward Big Meadow. Good stuff. This is your tip of the day - don't be afraid of the ungroomed!

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Comment by James on January 22, 2010 at 10:00am

Please stick to facts as much as possible when disagreeing with someone on My.Steamboat.com. If you felt the conditions on Nelson's/Twister were thin, w/brush poking thru, or not safe for "your good skis", or just not safe because of exposed rock or something like that, by all means share that.

Dissing the Straight Talker's honest efforts at sharing their experience of the mountain or telling them to "just shut up" isn't kind or helpful; our two main goals here on My.Steamboat.com.

Most of this year's Straight Talkers have been Straight Talker's for the past several years, and in all cases these are real people you are going to see around the mountain village and downtown, and they are trying to share their excitement about what's good on the hill. That's the bias.

As I'm sure you're aware, there's no such thing as reporting without a bias, just reporting or readers that aren't aware of the bias.

Matt's suggestion to go to the locals chat room is excellent, because in there you can hear from members who are always positive, as well as folks who can't stand it when the sun never comes out cause of too much snow (yes, really, we've heard that), or people who aren't happy with what feels like spring skiing for many weeks in January. There's also the general mountain forum to discuss all the details of the hill, including conditions and features.

While we don't have as much snow as the last two seasons, we're doing very well for Colorado, and every season brings different opportunities. I've neglected my switch riding for the past two years due to the ability to find powder in the trees every single day I went out. This year I'm adapting to the change and putting in the effort to find the positive in my Steamboat experience.

If you have more to say about Amy's report feel free to do so in this thread. If you have problems with what I've posted above, please contact me directly or write on my wall so we don't hijack this thread.

Comment by jeff foster on January 21, 2010 at 1:41pm
Thanks Keith , glad I'm not the only one that feels this way... for the past week and a half i have been shaking my head while reading this crap.
Comment by Amy on January 21, 2010 at 12:32pm
The purpose of the report is both to give current conditions and to give suggestions on the best choices of areas to ski based on our knowledge of the mountain. Keith, I am sorry you had a bad experience on Nelson's - but as you can read I did not have a chance to ski it myself, only see it from the lift where it looked good.
Comment by Matt on January 21, 2010 at 11:33am
The "straight talk" forum is a "Sales" report - not a mountain condition report. There job is to paint as rosy a picture as possible. It's not that they are intentionally deceiving us, it's just that they aren't revealing all of the 'negative' facts about the mountain - just like a good sales person would do. I have seen on rare occasion a reporter actually give the true condition of the mountain in regards to ice, etc., but in general i think you need to ask locals on the "Ask Locals" forum to get a honest opinion on the mountain condition.
Comment by Amy (Skibaby) on January 20, 2010 at 7:17pm
SNOW SHARKS! That's awesome! We'll be there starting the 30th and I can't wait to see what the lift operators have been up to!
Comment by Keith Miller on January 20, 2010 at 2:07pm
This type of "reporting" is irresponsible. The "Straight Talk" has never been this biased or jaded. I'm all for putting the mountain in the best light, but this type of reporting is simply ridiculous. I just did Nelson's and Twister and you need to be either less enthusiastic or warn about adverse conditions, or simply shut up.


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