Sniffin’ Out Safety….. During the Spring Ski Season

It has been a great winter filled with lots of incredible snowstorms, but the weather conditions are definitely changing. Even with some snow storms on the radar, I think it’s safe to say it’s officially spring in Steamboat.

It’s really easy during the spring to throw all your cares away and just soak up the sun; but I’m here to remind you that during the warm weather you need to be extra careful on the slopes.


Here are a few tips I always share with the other pups when they come visit.


Wear sunscreen. Sure it’s easy to think this thick beautiful coat will keep me safe from the sun’s rays. But not so… EVERYONE needs to wear sunscreen when playing on the mountain. I don’t care if you’re from Hawaii, you should still wear sunscreen. We’re at a higher elevation here at Steamboat Ski Resort, up to 10,500 feet at the top, which means the sun is stronger. Also, see all that great snow you’re skiing on, it basically acts as a reflector for the sun. Ever seen shots of ladies from the 70’s sitting by the pool with aluminum foil tilted towards their faces? The snow is doing the exact same thing- reflecting the sun’s rays, making them even stronger. So put on sunscreen before you head out for the day. Then lather up again as the day goes on. Carry a little tube of sunscreen in your pockets, or you can visit my friends in Ski Patrol or theInformation Center, they have sunscreen to share.


Remember your lips. Nobody wants kisses from chapped lips. Carry chapstick with high SPF and reapply it generously. A sunburn can hurt, but sunburned lips could ruin your ski vacation completely!


Drink lots and lots of water. You probably already know to drink more water when you’re at higher elevations. Add in the sun and your physical activity from skiing and riding and the day can be downright dehydrating. So drink lots of water. Sorry, soda and beer don’t count as water… you can drink those too, but double up on the water


Protect Your Eyes. They’re an important part of having fun on the mountain. The same snow that can burn your skin, can burn your eyes too. Have you ever looked at a light bulb and then you’re vision gets all blurred and you see spots? If you hang around the snow without sunglasses or goggles the same thing can happen. So wear them when you’re skiing, when you’re après skiing, or when you’re having lunch on the deck.


Wear layers. The temperatures can be cooler in the morning and nice & warm in the afternoon. So I wear layers that I can shed as the day goes on.


Enjoy the spring weather, have fun with your friends on the mountain, but always remember to be take care of your body. Plus, be SlopeWise, Ski & Ride with Care. 


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