The last element of our season build-up is the final step toward being strong, confident and limber before you hit the slopes.

I am pleased to share with you my own warm up during my world cup racing days. This routine not only helped me feel warm and ready but it was comforting to know I had something I could rely on. There is something to be said about our habits. So, try bringing these few tips into your daily warm-up and it will give you confidence knowing you've done everything you can to create positive muscle memory trends. 

Official World Cup Warm Up!

This first part should take place at your home before you head up to the hill. This is a great way to get the blood following.

1.) Laying down, extend your arms and legs into a long body stretch. Breathe 3 deep breaths.
2.) While laying down, bring both your knees into your chest. Breathe 3 deep breaths.
3.) With your knees still bent, rock knees side to side. Make your breath to fill your entire chest and lungs.

4.) Extend right leg out, pull left knee to chest. Make sure you keep right hip flat on the floor.
5.) Extend left leg out, right leg to chest. Make sure you keep left hip flat on the floor.

6.) Roll over to cat/cow position on hands and knees. Cat position is a hunched back with your chin toward chest. Cow position is sway back, head toward ceiling. Repeat 5 times.
7.) Extend into plank and walk hands toward feet.
8.) Slowly roll up toward standing

In a Standing Position:

9.) While standing, roll up and down through your back. Trying to articulate through each vertebrae. Repeat 10 times.

10.) With hands on knees do 10 knee circles one way, 10 knee circles the other.
11.) With your hands on your knees  do 10 slow 1/4 squats, 10 quick 1/4 squats.
12.) Roll up to standing position.

Once you are out on the snow:

Dynamic stretch includes controlled movements and opposed to the traditional momentum stretches. 

Balance on the one leg while performing stretch on opposite leg.

1.) Standing on right foot, raise left leg straight up from mid line in front of you creating hamstring stretch. Return to starting position. Important! Do not swing leg, but have slow controlled movements. Use your muscles to create the stretch.
1o leg lifts. Repeat on other leg, 10 times.

2.) Standing on right foot, raise your left leg out toward your side from mid line creating an abductor stretch.
10 times. Repeat other leg.

Back Warm-Up:

In a normal, standing position follow these few stretches to warm up your back.

No ski pole-
Swing arms through legs rolling through your whole back. Extend arms overhead. Nice big swings 10 times.

Ski pole-

Place the pole across your back and shoulders. Rest arms on the ends of your pole.
1.) Roll down, roll up through back. Articulate through each vertebrae. 10 times.

2.) Roll 10 times circling around  in one direction 10 in the other.

3.) With pole behind your back , 10 squats in tuck position.


Drop the poles, and work on some quick feet. Standing, in an athletic position try moving your feet side to side as quickly as possible. Challenge yourself to be quick and agile.

Ok, now you are ready to rock!

Just bring on the powder!!

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