Here is week 2 of our countdown to winter.

It's time to get more ski/snowboard specific in our workouts and movements.

Like I mentioned in the first week, we're trying to minimize that initial shock when we first get on snow. You will be ahead of the game and ready to rip in no time.


After our previous round of strength, we are going to do some interval training. These are meant to get your heart rate and body prepared for increased intensity. Similar to a run of bumps, powder or arcing on groomers, the progression in intensity is meant to give you time to recover but still tax the anaerobic system. (Anaerobic is when your body goes outside of its aerobic capacity.) We may make 30 turns and feel exhausted and need a break. This will challenge your recovery time and train your body to be prepared for the heightened intensity.  

These are one of my favorites!


 FARTLEKs (not kidding)

These can be done either running, hiking, biking, rowing or on an elliptical machine.


Warm Up

10 Minutes

 5 minutes of EASY intensity. (If you're running, a light jog...biking, easy spin, etc.)

 2 minutes MEDIUM intensity. Ramp up the intensity to medium difficulty. (Running=running, biking=more resistance.)

 1 minute HARD intensity. (Running=sprint, bike=standing or seated sprint with increased resistance.)

 2 minutes EASY intensity. This is your recovery



30 seconds of each intensity.

These are meant to go seamlessly one to the next. So, keep track of your time and continue through each segment for the entirety. 

Example for Runners:

30 seconds JOG

30 seconds RUN

30 seconds SPRINT

repeat 10 times


Example for Bikers:

30 seconds EASY

30 seconds Medium resistance

30 seconds HARD resistance

repeat 10 times


Use same cues for rowing, elliptical, etc.



10 minutes EASY


That's it! Hope to see you out there.






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