is turning into quite the powder day!  Maybe it was the white sky and blanket of fresh snow I woke up to, maybe it's that March is looming at the end of the week, waiting somewhat ominously as the signal for spring break, bluebird days, and spring skiing, or maybe it was just the 2 cups of strong coffee I started the day with.  Whatever the case, I was really excited to get on the mountain today and I can't tell you how surprised I was with the conditions that I found.  With 1" reported at 5am, I was pretty happy to know that I'd be skiing some soft 'roy but didn't have expectations any higher than that.  It's been dumping since 5am, snowed an additional 3" by 9:00 and is still coming down.  Despite the continuous snowfall, the clouds seem sort of thin and the sun was casting a brilliant soft glow on the slopes.  So choice.



I was lucky enough to be on the gondi early and catch first tracks over in the Sundown area.  As soon as I hit High Noon and found out just how good the snow was, I threw a couple fist pumps and let 'em ride.  1 O'clock, 2 O'clock, and West Side were fresh, fast, fluffy, fantastic, and freakin' awesome!  Seriously, the groomers were the place to be early; the snow was so light and airy you could just relax and let your skis do all the work.  All I could think as I skied turn after turn down some of my favorite runs was "How lucky am I?"



I hit Storm Face to Sunset to Rainbow and despite my burning legs, I couldn't stop, the endless sea of white, untouched snow kept me going turn after turn, I couldn't get enough of that splash of fresh on my knees.  Back up to Storm Peak I was hungry for something off the grid so I headed to Morningside and down through the No Names gate.  No Names is a steep tree run with an open bowl at the bottom.  It challenges your quick turning skills on steeper terrain and offers some narrow chutes to satisfy the need to quicken your pulse.  After the enviable snowfall we've  had the last couple weeks, this zone has filled in nicely and is skiing  very well.  But you will want to tread lightly as this is a notoriously rocky section of the mountain.


Getting deep out there.


My recommendation, if the snowfall keeps up and you're able to get up this afternoon, would be to head into the trees.  The tracks from the weekend were starting to get filled in when I headed down after 10:00 and your favorite haunts will be stash-tastic.  So zip in your powder skirt and get up on the mountain!  Afterall, it's the last Tuesday in February...



Katie Hughes

Alpine Snow Pow Skier

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