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It's here....

Yes, the season has officially arrived in Steamboat and I'm thrilled.

While I was competing, this was always my favorite time of year. We had trained all spring, summer and fall and it was race time. The mixture of nerves and anticipation was exhilarating.

How are you feeling? This is the fourth tip for your pre-season regime. We are trained and ready to rip.

Here is my final million dollar tip:


Warm Up

It seems so trivial but in truth, this is one of the most important elements of your skiing routine. Often, we end up injured or stiff due to improper and lack of a warm-up. Don't skimp on a few quick exercises! It is really important.


Once you are off the lift on your first ride, whether it be the gondola or chair lift follow these quick cues to be right on track to enjoy your day.


-Leg Swings

Click off your skis and give yourself a few quick single leg swings on each side. You can use your poles for balance. (Try ditching your poles for added balance!)

10 swings each leg


-High Knees

While standing, bring your knees up to your chest independently and as quickly as possible. Drive those knees up quickly.

15 Seconds


-Upper Body Rotations

With your feet planted, shoulder-width apart, rotate your upper body side to side. While only moving your torso, twist your upper body toward the right and back to the left. Make sure your hips stay fixed. Start slow and move into quick, focused rotations and slow down again.

20 Rotations


-Arm Swings

Rotate each arm in a circular direction. Make sure you alternate directions and arms.

10 each arm, each direction


-Slow Squat

Starting in an athletic stance with your feet shoulder-width apart, slowly lower into a squat position, and then slowly return to standing. Challenge yourself to push through your heels the whole way through. Have a slow, intentional movement through the entire squat.

10 Squats


-Quick Feet

Standing in your athletic stance while looking ahead, move your feet up and down as quickly as possible. Similar to football training moves, get those feet going fast! I know you may be in boots, but let's get the quick twitch muscles fired.

15 seconds


Are you warm yet?

It is now time to make yourself proud and your friends jealous! We have trained hard and we are ready!

Great Job!


*Quick side note. If you did the first exercise where we did a wall sit hold, go ahead and check your time again now. I am sure there will be improvement! Stronger Legs = Better Runs.




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