Happy Fat Tuesday from Steamboat!  A couple of inches of fresh snow fell overnight and the conditions right now are perfect.  Before gorging myself on jambalaya and king cake, I gorged myself on the foot of fluffy powder that has fallen over the past three days. I could not picture a more perfect day in Steamboat!  Plentiful powder underfoot, shining sun, deep blue skies, and an air of celebration puts a big smile on my face.  Because the temperature was on the chilly side this morning, I headed over to Morningside Park in search of powder stashes.  Morningside Park is a great place to start a chilly but sunny morning because this is where the sun warms the mountain first.

The snow on Over Easy to Huevos was buttery and smooth.  The further to the edges of the runs I went, the deeper and more plentiful the powder was.  My powder skis bounced from puff to puff of powder with very little effort.  Impressed by the snow in Morningside Park, I decided to search for more.   

Next, I ducked into the Alarm Clock glades, which held even more of the fluffy white gold.  At the top I enjoyed wide open turns in the sunshine.  Midway down, trees shaded the surface of the snow and I found lighter snow stashes in these shaded areas.  The rising sun shot sunbeams through the trees lighting a golden powder path to the bottom of the run.  This is an Alarm Clock I could wake up to every day!

Continuing on my powder hunt, I hit the jackpot on Wake Up Call.  Many people miss this run because it's accessed by hiking up past the North St. Pats and East Face gates.  It is a true hidden powder stash in plain sight.  I was thrilled to ski boot-deep powder from top to bottom.  As my skis bobbed through each turn, powder exploded over my knees.  I felt a little guilty hoping that no one on the Morningside Lift saw me ski that run, as I did not want my secret stash to be discovered.  Well, the secret is now out and lap after lap on Wake Up Call today will be deep, soft, and not to be missed. 

Another blast of powder will unload on Steamboat Resort on Thursday and Friday, so check out the glorious pow pow in Morningside Park for yourself!  Let the good times roll!


Laissez les bon temps roulez,


Meghan Lutterman

Alpine Skier

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