I suppose I should dispense with the formalities from the start and wish you a very HAPPY EASTER!  I hope the bunny was especially nice to you this year and packed your basket with some springtime wax for those skis.

The overall weather and snow conditions are nothing short of spectacular today.  This is the kind of day I dream about on those cold, harsh days in January.  Days like this are absolutely perfect for ripping groomers in the morning and bashing slush-bumps in the afternoon.  The early morning snow today was much softer than I anticipated.  You could tell a slight difference between the sections of trail in the sun versus those that lay in the shadows, but not much.  Overall, the runs were holding my edges extremely well, without much scrape or slide.  And the warm breeze on those cheeks was enough to send anyone into a state of Easter euphoria.

There were a few shaded sections of lower Storm Peak that I felt a bit of chatter below my skis, but on my second run I could already tell things were softening by the minute.  This was an especially great run today because the sun rose directly behind me so I could see my long shadow sprawled before me the entire way.  It was like looking at a video reel of my form and a great way to see one's profile while schussing in the sun.  Looking at bump runs like White Out, I could see the miraculous morning light dance across the mogul tops and got excited.  This is by far one of the best bump runs in the state and a mecca for spring hot-doggers.

Generally speaking, the mountain is holding snow incredibly well.  In my 2 hours of zig-zagging the slopes this morning I could hardly find any bare spots to avoid.  It's not uncommon to begin seeing some hazards begin to poke through the upper crust of snow at this point in the season and yet I was strapped to find many at all.  What a great sign as we head into the final two weeks of 2012/2013 mountain operations. 


So grab your gear and hit the mountain today.  Soak up some of Mother Nature's vitamin D, lather up the sunscreen, and catch some rays while skiing and riding our fabulous Mt. Werner.  Today is a spring day like no other.  It's Easter Sunday and the weather Gods are smiling down upon us.


Get some,

David Wittlinger, Alpine Skier

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