Bundling up to stay warm on a day when the temps are below zero definitely makes you feel about as agile as a marshmallow.  But sumo suits multiple layers are necessary and I think I managed to stack 6 on the top of my body and 3 on the bottom.  That’s a record!  Don’t worry if you can barely bend over all those layers to buckle your boots, as long as you can still see out of your goggles then it’s all good.  On a day like today there is no vanity, only a little insanity. 


This is me smiling.



“Knee deep in the water somewhere got the blue sky breeze blowin’ wind through my hair, only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair...”  I had this Zac Brown song stuck in my head this morning as I made my way to the gondola for lap number one….thoughts of the beach helped me stay warm.  I started down Rudi's to 4 Points and was so ecstatic to find that the snow was in pristine condition.  I absolutely ripped Rudi's with huge GS turns all the way down.  Cold or not, this was going to be fun.

Tornado (under Storm Peak lift) was the best I've ever skied it as a groomer.  The snow is so crisp and firm, yet soft.  It's just an incredible ride.  You can dig into your edges as hard as you want.  Go on, lay 'em down. 


I braved the upper mountain temps for the chance to rail down Buddy's to Cyclone and may have had one of my best groomer runs up there too.  It's really that good.  These consistent cold temps have kept our snow in a constant state of frozen so there's no melt/freeze cylcle happening, just cold, crystally snow.   


I guess the birdseed wasn't frozen. 

 The lower mountain snow is just as fantastic.  The Daze to See Me is in epic condition.  If you don't believe me, get all the clothes on that you own and go see for yourself.  No really, if you're on the fence at all about skiing today, get up there.  Wear a face mask or neck gaitor and go inside every c0uple runs to keep comfortable.  The groomers are out of sight and it's kind of an adventure to be up there when it's this cold.  Plus, when you're done, there are plenty of cozy spots at the base to warm your toes.



Stay warm out there Steamboat.


Katie Hughes

Flying Marshmallow Alpine Skier


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