We have now had a number of really good days of skiing: fast, smooth packed powder and mostly warm sunshine. Seems a little unseasonable, but the groomers have done a great job keeping the trails in shape considering the lean snowfall. Really no complaints here: the skiing is fast and effortless. There are a few harder packed patches, but my skis are carving through them well.

Smooth, fast snow under blue skies

Today has seen some colder temperatures and some stiff winds. Hopefully some snow on the way and some more warm sunshine too.

We have been taking advantage of some of the benefits of booking through Steamboat’s RSVIP (repeat booking through Central Reservations) program: today we did “First Tracks” (beating the crowds to be the first to lay down tracks on Sunshine Peak) and tomorrow we take out some demo skis for the day.

Jnr is having a good time. Unfortunately we haven’t checked out KVC: the in-laws just don’t want to miss out on a moment with their grandson.

Places that Jnr (just two years old) has enjoyed dining at include:

  • Slopeside Grill: he loves the atmosphere, the noise, the people, the Televisions and the garlic bread (baked in the pizza oven) is a big hit, as is the ice cream with chocolate sauce.
  • Stokers Bar: great atmosphere, great views, fantastic gondola ride to get there.
  • Hazies: Jnr particularly enjoyed the soup and salad bar (well the salad and eating his body weight in berries and water melon...).
  • Steamboat Smokehouse: fun for kids of all ages.
  • Sheraton: both of the restaurants and room service have a fairly extensive kids menu (including some good “healthier” options).

Husband and I had an enjoyable meal at Ore House a couple of nights ago: we really enjoy the salad bar there, both had a good steak and I do like the rustic, casual atmosphere too. We hope to take Jnr there, if we have time, before we leave: it is definitely a family friendly place.

Jnr is fast becoming a gondola fan: we have done a few trips on the Wildhorse gondola and he has now done a couple of trips on the main gondola too (toddlers travel free, but must have a pre-purchased ticket). He is a budding engineer and, in addition to enjoying the views, intently studies the gondola trying to work out how it works.

Admiring the view of Heavenly Daze from the gondola

Following one trip up on the gondola, we took advantage of the Sharpshooter photographers outside of the top of Thunderhead and had some family portraits taken: the first of many over the following years.

Photo taken at the top of the gondola (the offcial ones, taken by the Sharpshooter photographer, were somewhat better!) 

We purchased a set of toddler strap on (over snow boot) skis for Jnr. We have attempted  using them a couple of times, but not with great success yet. Jnr’s determination to get everywhere at 100mph is slightly hampered by a pair of strap on skis and so he isn’t too impressed! We will try a few more times (before returning home), but I expect that Jnr will be in a very different frame of mind when we return next year (when he is old enough to have proper ski lessons with an instructor).

Jnr on the toddler skis - this needs a bit more work...


To be continued....

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Comment by Boo Boo on February 3, 2012 at 8:25am
Hi. No, toddler is free to ride in the gondola, but you must get a ticket for them from one if the ticket offices/counters.

We got the toddler skis from Christy Sports at the base (formerly Sports Stalker): since we are staying at the Sheraton, it was convenient to get them from there. If you try them, make sure you adjust them right: we didn't get it right at first and Jnr could easily kick them off. Now we have adjusted them better. They are worth trying, but the amount of success depends on the personality of the toddler I think.
Comment by Brandon Fisher on February 3, 2012 at 8:18am

Do you have to pay to take jnr on the gondola? Also, where did you get the toddler skis? I have heard they have them at One Stop ski Shop, or did you bring them yourselves?


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