Two score and eight years ago, Steamboat's fathers brought forth on this mountain a new ski area. However, being the skiers that they were they knew that not all powder days are created equal. Some are deeper than others; some are lighter and drier, however as we are all in the pursuit of powder happiness, they are all good.

Today is no exception. We woke to the report of 4-5 inches of new snow, and with a cloud clinging steadfastly to the top of our mountain bringing more snow. Today I met up with my friend Beth and we headed to Storm Peak Express and straight to the top. The wind was blowing but only slightly, and visability was a bit flat. So we pointed our skies for the trees of Triangle Three where we found fluffy white wind drifts of snow. Staying skier's left, almost but not quite onto Storm Peak North, we found deep shots of powder through the pleasantly spaced spruce and fir.

We have had a few days of warmer weather so there is a loud, crusty surface underneath some of the groomed runs. Off piste, like on Triangle Three, the powder was deep enough to float upon. It's not super light, but not that heavy either. We finished our first run on Tornado - groomed in the middle with five inches of fresh on top.

Next we skirted over to the sunny side via top of Three O'Clock to a groomed Two O'Clock. I stopped to admire the trees, covered in white, worthy of a post card.

Two O'Clock was groomed and no one had been in the trees to skier's right. I headed in there while Beth hugged the trees. It was win-win as there was plenty of untracked powder.

The cloud is still clinging to the top, but mid-mountain down has good visibility all the way across the valley. We skied One O'Clock and Lower High Noon which, on the left side skied superb- nice and deep and creamy with very little scratchy stuff underneath.

Steamboat is as white as the White House and worthy of the people, for the people and to be skied and ridden by the people of this great nation.


I'll save you some stashes, but you better hurry!


Riley Polumbus



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Comment by C. Cash Money on February 21, 2011 at 12:21pm
i live for the 2:30 trees.  glad you hit those up today while i am stuck at a desk in San Francisco


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