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The Gift of Skiing

Recently, a few of us local Steamboat folks made the journey to Kyrgyzstan. Don't worry, we didn't know were we were going either. Since I've always been a huge fan of geography, I quickly found our destination in central Asia. Bordered by Kazakhstan (Borat made this country infamous) and China, this country plays a pivotal role in the quest for democracy.  Many of us may not know that the 'stans' countries were the former USSR and after the early 90's they were left to pursue their…


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Birthday Bliss

Fifty Years and my how Steamboat has changed.

In honor of the golden birthday, I have racked my memory for some of my own highlights since my family moved here in 1995.

Our first winter here was epic! I remember the powder being more than I had ever experienced. Snow banks were over-head high and I was in tree-skiing heaven. Growing up in Northern California, we would have enormous snow storms only to have dense,"Sierra cement" the next day. Not here in Champagne Powder…


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What the World Needs Now

If you have been hiding out the last few days or hesitating to make your powder debut, don't wait any longer .

The conditions are incredible! Surprisingly fluffy and it couldn't have come at a better time. Everyone could use a little Champagne Powder® in their life. 

It is interesting how quickly and easily a powder run can lift my spirits. In light of our recent tragic events, my heart felt heavy and a bit conflicted. It's difficult to not feel overwhelmed by the negativity…


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Don't Worry, Let's Go Back to Basics!

Yes, the snow conditions are probably not the powder filled runs we've all come to expect. But, there is still much improvement to be made during these less than perfect times.

During my years on the women's US Ski Team, we would travel the world in search of snow and optimal training conditions. This often entailed rock hard, water-injected, skating rinks in the middle of no where. One of my favorite spots of such characteristics was a hill in New Zealand. This wasn't the…


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One More Step Before You Go!

The last element of our season build-up is the final step toward being strong, confident and limber before you hit the slopes.

I am pleased to share with you my own warm up during my world cup racing days. This routine not only helped me feel warm and ready but it was comforting to know I had something I could rely on. There is something to be said about our habits. So, try bringing these few tips into your daily warm-up and it will give you confidence knowing you've done…


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It's Snowing! Week 2 Fitness Guide

Your first turns are right around the corner.

This week’s program is a combination of strength and agility. These two aspects of training are very important for our winter prep.

Strength is self explanatory. This is what enables us to resist the forces created during our turns as well as stay in a strong, safe position.

Agility is perhaps less obvious. This is the movement with our quick-twitch muscles which enable us…


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Time to Get Buffed!

Hello! It's that time of year again. Time to get our bodies ready for winter and all the fun that entails. The countdown has begun and there’s no time to waste.

Over the next few weeks, I will give you three varied programs to get prepped to rip.

First and probably the most important is balance. This is the key to most movement and activity. These few exercises, will help cue your body awareness and activate your small proprioceptors.

Let’s Get…


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Biking Bliss

If you have yet to try Steamboat's newly enhanced and expanded bike trails, then you need to get out there!

Fall colors are bursting with yellows and reds leaving an impressive backdrop to the Yampa Valley. I've always felt like mountain biking in the fall is the best time. The air is crisp and the trails are quiet and free for the taking.

As this year was the largest effort from Steamboat Ski Area to grow their existing trails and build an array of new ones, I thought…


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Wine, Vino, Yum!

Last week I was able to get a sampling of  Steamboat's Wine Festival benefiting our own Stars program.  Few things in life make me happier than great food, wine and a beautiful day in Steamboat Springs. I know, I'm a simple girl.

Friday evening's stroll around downtown Steamboat was the highlight of the weekend for me. Enjoying the various local business and their hospitality was a perfect pairing with the wide range of national wine cellars.

During the warm evening stroll I…


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Yellow comes in First...

This weekend will mark Steamboat's second  Ski 4 Yellow event. Relatively new to the Livestrong Foundation, our Ski 4 Yellow events are gaining quick momentum. Locals Dave Nagel, Kerry Shae and the Steamboat Ski Resort Corporation have worked hard to make an incredible event, which directly benefits our local community. 

Last year's event was quite the success. Sadly, my team didn't win, which I'd like to remedy this winter.

This may be shallow....but I'm calling on the…


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Little Rippers

Steamboat is home to more Olympians than any other town in the world. Yes, Olympian folk are almost more common than our beloved neighborhood pooches. I always joke that if you want to rub shoulders with some of the best in the world, head to City Market at 5pm and you will find more than you bargained for!

With all this athletic prowess in one small place, it's always refreshing to see the younger generations coming up for their taste of greatness. The hungry, unaltered love for the…


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Powder is Better with Your Buddy!

We've all heard it and probably even muttered the words, "There are no friends on a powder day".

Wait!! What? No!

I've decided that couldn't be further from the truth. Here's why:

First off, Powder is magical. We all love it and are crazed by the thought of first tracks in the fluff. We've all waited for the coveted line to drop and whooped with delight as we choked on face shots.

So, when did we decide that one of the best things in life shouldn't…


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99 and Counting

This year's Winter Carnival will be Steamboat's 99th anniversary. That's an incredible heritage.  99 years of smiling kids being pulled behind horses on snow filled streets. Unique festivities is nothing new. Rated one of the best winter carnivals in the world, the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club has much to be proud of. Started as a way for residents to cope with cabin fever, this year has brought the long awaited powder to town.

My family moved here when I was a Junior in high…


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Hop, Skip and a Jump to Japan

We are back after a whirlwind tour of Japan. We enjoyed 5 days of ramen, rice, incredible people and epic powder. Sounds like an ideal combo, not to mention tons of frequent flyer miles! 

This year's American 300 team was a dynamic group of Steamboat locals. Dave and Aimee Nagel, Rob Powers,  Mike Lane and Nelson Carmichael all came together for the cause of bringing a little piece of America to military men, women and families living in Camp Zama, Japan. 

Our brief…


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A day in Army Life

Another incredible day here in Camp Zama, Japan. 

Who can boast a day of early morning training, a private meeting with The Army Band, an inside tour of a Blackhawk helicopter, a K9 Unit visit and finally a beer with the Lieutenant Colonel? We can!

It's been a whirlwind day and we are thrilled to be involved in such a fantastic cause.

This year we are joined by Dave and Aimee Nagel who have been total troopers. (No pun intended) They have jumped right into the…


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Life Changing

We've all had those moments when we knew our life would be changed for the better.

Last year I had the enormous pleasure of traveling to Guam and Japan with three fellow Olympians, Mike Lane from Steamboat Ski Corp and Rob Powers.  Our trip's purpose was to visit with military men and women stationed in the Pacific and share our Olympic experience. Little did I know it would be a life changing experience. I left with a whole new appreciation for so many and forever…


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Calling All Ladies

Ok gals, it’s your opportunity to make those improvements we’ve all been wanting! Yes, it’s a new year and a new chance to get over those long dreaded humps in your skiing technique.

Perhaps you’ve been hearing the same instruction over and over and still you’re looking for that golden nugget? It may be the elusive one tip that will get you down the mountain feeling like a champ as opposed to dreading another mogul. Look no further!

Deb Armstrong, Olympic…


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Looking for Holiday Cheer?

If you didn't already know, the Holidays are soon to arrive! 

With all the buzz, often there is a little stress. GASP! 

A few pounds gained, a tree to be found and way too many tasks to do. If you're looking for a little help, I'm here to give you some insider tips.

If you've just arrived or your kids are getting a little nutty, join us Saturday for a Family-Friendly Apres Ski Event. December 17th from 3-5pm, we will be on the Mountain on the NEW Steamboat Stage…


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Go Time!

It's here....

Yes, the season has officially arrived in Steamboat and I'm thrilled.

While I was competing, this was always my favorite time of year. We had trained all spring, summer and fall and it was race time. The mixture of nerves and anticipation was exhilarating.

How are you feeling? This is the fourth tip for your pre-season regime. We are trained and ready to rip.

Here is my final million dollar tip:


Warm Up

It seems so trivial but…


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Boost those legs

We are onto our third session for our winter prep.

How are you feeling?

Snow is starting to fall and winter is fast approaching. Don't waste time getting your body ready for the season! 


This week we are going to focus on leg strength combined with some balance elements.


Skiing is a mixture of both these aspects, so it's perfect!


To start:

Grab a pillow, dyna-disc or any uneven surface.

Place your pillow about 2 feet…


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