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Shades of Grey

Flat light is rarely anyone's ideal skiing condition but don't let it detour you from an incredible day on the slopes. During those snowy, winter days you will often find that the light is not quite the same as our famous, blue-bird days. Realistically though some of the best powder is prime for the taking on those grey, flat-light days.

The difficulty with flat-light is that our confidence and comfort while skiing is based mainly on our vision. Like anything, we like to see what we…


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Holiday Bliss

In all the hustle and bustle of the holidays it's easy to be overwhelmed with everything but what's important. That may sound cliche but it is the absolute truth. I am a perfect example of what NOT to do...December 20th rolls around and undoubtedly I get the same sense of anxiety wondering if I've finished my Christmas cards which quickly turn into New Years or even Valentine's Day cards at worst. I rack my brain for ideas wondering if I've found the perfect gift for my not…


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What I Wish I Knew

The season is now underway and with the excitement of a new season there is also the risk of injury. No, I'm not being pessimistic or negative but rather realistic. In truth the majority of injuries happen within the first few weeks of ski season. Many doctors and sports medicine institutes have studied the statistics behind this phenomenon. The reason for this is primarily based on the fact that we haven't skied or snowboarded in quite sometime. We are rusty, make silly mistakes and…


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When You Don't Like Lemonade

You have probably heard the expression, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." I have always appreciated this as it adds a sense of levity and positivity to most situations. I often have thought of this and probably even subconsciously have used it as a sort of a mantra through life's frustrations and difficulties.

Recently, after an ongoing rough patch I suddenly realized, I'm sick of lemonade! I would really love a nice cup of soothing tea. Enough of the lemons and lemonade.…


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Training Blocks not Blues

Every fall , it's the same story. We all have the sudden stress of "getting in shape for ski season". One month before ski season, we crank out a few hundred squats and lunges hoping to dissipate the intense lactic acid come our first few runs. Sure, it helps but what if there was a totally different way to approach our ski fitness which would go well beyond our first winter turns?

Yes, Here it is.

First, look at each month like a block of training. It will give you steps…


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Goals Shmoals

Recently I heard a commencement speech from Tim Minchin. Now whether or not you are famliar with Tim or even approve of his humor, he had some incredible insight which has left me thinking.

Speaking to his alma mater, Tim wanted to bestow 9 key points to tackling life after college. The entire speech is actually quite fabulous but the first point left me questioning my own logic. He very bluntly started his 9 key points with the audacious comment,  "You don't have to have a dream".…


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Summer Ideas

Summer is flying by and many of us are trying to enjoy as much of Steamboat as we can.

If you are looking for a few ideas for the last few weeks, I'm here to help!

Zirkel Wildnerness:

This is truly one of my favorite places during the summer. If you are looking for a beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountain experience, this is your place. A few key places to visit:

Gilpin Lake

This high alpine…


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Time to Get Back, Slowly

In many of my past blog posts I've written about training and conditioning based on my personal experience. This blog post is no different.

Recently, I had fairly major surgery on my knee from an injury I incurred last winter. After two months of being unable to much of anything, I am ready to get moving again. Unlike earlier posts where I was writing from the vantage point of being healthy and strong, today I am starting at square one.

Something I've always known, but what…


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Celebrate Steamboat Style

July 4th has never looked so good!

Steamboat is offering unique festivities this July. Our beloved holiday includes the parade and the always impressive fireworks. This year, the activities are going to be even more impressive with a few added events! Don't get stuck with doing the norm. Get out and enjoy all the variety Steamboat has to offer!

July 3:

9-12pm  Ski Jumping Extravaganza at Howelsen Hill.

Looking to get a feel for flying through the air?…


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Looking to Get Summer Fit?

The white blanket of winter is gone and yet some of us might still be hanging on to our proverbial winter layer. Yes, somehow the pounds can add up during those cold winter months when your body is fighting the elements to stay warm. (At least that's my excuse.) Suddenly summer is here and you are wanting to shed those unwanted "warm" layers of extra weight. Don't fret! Changes should be small and incremental but ultimately will have a significant effect. BABY STEPS.

The only…


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Calling all Instagrammers!

It's closing weekend and what better way to bid the 2013-2014 season adieu then entering an Instagram contest?

We all love our handy phones and the easy access to taking incredible shots, "selfies" and all. I would like to fancy myself being quite the professional when it comes to snapping shots with my trusty iphone. I know my sister, Isabelle has quite the Instagram following and I am often am amazed at what she captures.…


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How to Navigate the Crust

Spring is in the Air!

Warm weather and cold nights means for the varying conditions. Don't let the crust and crunch deter you from enjoying the spring skiing. It can be overwhelming and definitely not our most favorite conditions. Don't lose heart! There is a very enticing aspect about spring skiing.

Here are a few ways to better your day on the slopes:

-Make sure your skis are tuned and ready!

-If you are eager to get up on the slopes, try to stay…


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New Spots for Longtime Locals

Like many locals, I've lived here in Steamboat almost 20 years. Interestingly, there are still attractions, places and events that I have yet to experience. Sound familiar?

Last week I had the enormous pleasure of enjoying one of these new adventures. Courtesy of  local based company Wellktok, I had my first sleigh-ride dinner to Ragnars. It was fabulous. It was a new view of the slopes, valley and town.

Pulled along in a less conventional rendition of "horse-power", we wound…


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An Olympic Mindset

While watching the Olympics the last two weeks, I continue to be impressed with the athletes that are able to rise to the occasion and perform at their best when the stakes are the highest. The Olympic stage is unique as it is one moment that can alter the perceived success or failure of an athlete.

I keep asking myself this simple question, "How are some athletes able to perform even better than their norm while others crumble with the pressure?"…


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The Odds Are...

The Olympic Games are right around the corner and Steamboat is no stranger to Olympians and Olympic success. With over 80 Olympians, Steamboat tops anywhere in North American and potentially the world.

But, don't let those numbers jade you. I often joke that Olympians are a dime a dozen here in Ski Town USA. Yes, it's true...statistically speaking. 1 in 157 people in Steamboat is an Olympic athlete. But, let me give you some perhaps lesser known facts about becoming an…


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Quick Fix!

We are a society of "I NEED IT NOW!" 

Improvement in our skiing is no exception. We are all looking for a way to catch-up, keep up or just stay ahead.

The truth is skiing is an on-going evolution and just when you think you've arrived, you realize they didn't groom Cyclone and you have to face those dreaded moguls. Dang!

For me, it was the old bad habits that would suddenly resurface leaving…


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The Skinny on Fat Skis

I've always prided myself of being an adaptable skier. Until this week, I had one pair of skis which I used almost EVERY day. I was somewhat picky with my all mountain ski, but I left it at that. Whatever the conditions, wherever I was planning on skiing, I went with my old trusties. I didn't give much thought…


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Last Minute Gift Ideas...

If any of you are like me, you still have some last minute shopping to do.

I am here to help!

After years on the world cup and now hours out on the slopes, I have found what is key!

Here is an insiders tip on what is a must while out on the slopes and some great gift ideas.

1. Boot Heaters

AN ABSOLUTE MUST! I swear by mine and would encourage anyone to give them a try. Cold toes are so passe! Your ski shop will mount these delightful little…


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Still Time to Enjoy

Yes, it is officially spring and the weather gods seem to agree.

Days are longer and the sun is shining, makes me want to move my dancing feet.

I don't know about you but I am ready to enjoy Steamboat's spring and all it's greatness. Corn snow and sunscreen, great combo.

If you are looking for a little spice in your spring routine, check out this year's lineup.

50th Anniversary Fashion Show

Saturday, April 6th, 3:30pm…


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Spring Offers Change

Birds are singing and the weather is sweet...Spring is here and it's the perfect time to broaden your horizons.

What on earth am I babbling about?

Spring often equals change.

We all know the feeling. The urge to clean out our garage, closets and bring in the fresh feeling of change.

Truth is, we can bring this feeling of adventure into our on snow repertoire.

Here are a few ideas for spicing up your day on the…


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