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Last day to get your 2010 turns on

Frostbite may be a keyword to wrap up the last day of the year today, but if you bundle up, the conditions are totally worth it. The colder temperatures have zapped out any moisture in the foot of snow we've received in the last 48hrs, making for some great skiing all across the mountain. To keep myself warm this morning, I decided to make some quicks laps on Burgess Creek and Four Points. Moguls are one sure way to keep the blood flowing on cold days like today. As a new year is upon us,…


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Veuve Clicquot Time of Year

Welcome home Champagne Powder®! Oh how us spoiled Steamboatians have missed you. I know that we've been talking about the free First Tracks all week, but today was the day to take advantage of it! With 7 inches of new snow in the last 24 hours paired with cold temps, it was sure to be a fluffy day up there. When I loaded the gondola at 7:45 this morning the energy in the line-up was…


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Storm Arrives Early!

This morning's visit to the mountain surprised me with the early arrival of a big snowstorm. Even the 5am report did not note that there was snow falling - because apparently it hadn't started that early. As any legitimage powder hound will admit, I pay pretty close attention to the weather - even checking…


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Cold and bluebird before the storm

If you looked at a thermometor outside your house this morning, you probably hit the snooze bar.  I'm not gonna lie... it was chilly.  But if you got up and went to the mountain anyway, you discovered the inversion that made things a little nicer.  The sun made a huge difference in the temps this morning as it slowly crept above the mountains to light up Steamboat on another amazing Colorado blue bird day.



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A morning of new snow

  I was pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning and find 3 inches of fresh snow in the driveway. I called it a left over gift from Santa. After a wonderful holiday weekend of skiing in bluebird skies and mild temperatures, it's nice to start the week off with a clean slate and wake up to some powder.



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Breaking the Light

There's just something so pristine about hitting the slopes first thing in the a.m. when many are still feeling the warmth of their beds.  You can feel the rush of energy that's often overlooked as smiling ski patrollers, mountain ambassadors, lifties, slope maintenance and other ski corp workers are busy getting the hill open for the day's events.…


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Blue Skies and Season's Greetings from Steamboat!

If you received sunscreen in your stocking, go ahead and apply some now because it's a bluebird Christmas Day in the 'Boat! Season's Greetings and Merry Christmas from Steamboat!

I felt like a kid again on each lift as I could not wait to rip up the slopes (the skier's equivilant of ripping open presents) on such a beautiful day. The groomers were as busy as Santa, leaving us many presents under/near the trees. Some of my favorite runs to ski when groomed are ripe for turns this…


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Christmas Eve --> Pony Express opens

With the 160" mark that we have reached before the new year, there is still one spot on the mountain that hasn't been fully skied yet; that is Pony Express. While Pony has been available for hiking these past few weeks, today allows for skiers and riders to avoid the trek to Morningside and 1/2 Hitch and be able to take multiple runs in the still fresh snow.

With the varying weather conditions we have had this past week, the conditions have held up quite well. I hit up Rudi's Run and…


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Spoiled in Steamboat

"It's another under-reported day in the 'boat!" Much to what the downtown weather is doing, Steamboat Ski Resort has a weather system of its very own. I've decided to adopt the 5 a.m. reporter's favorite "it's a powder day in the 'boat," and amend it into my own quote regarding the usual under report of snowfall. Trust your inner weatherperson, and know that it's snowing yet again in Steamboat. The one-inch new is more like a few inches new: A nice layer of powdered sugar on top of butter.…


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Dream World

Imagine a place where everything is exactly the way you would dream it to be. For many, that would include new snow, mild temperatures, and sunshine. This morning, good old Mr. Sunshine was beaming through, maybe only briefly out of this storm, as the Gondola lifted us out of the cloud:

When the snow…


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The first "official" day of Winter

Today is noted as the first "official" day of winter on calendars... although I think Steamboat must be looking at a different calendar.  As far as I can say, it has been officially winter in the Yampa Valley for a while.  The start of this ski season has been nothing short of amazing, and the fluff just keeps coming down.



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Tabula Rasa - A clean slate

I feel a bit like Bill Murray's character in Groundhog Day... This is the third day in a row that I have come up here to ski and it's snowing.  Visibility is poor because it is snowing. It would not matter much anyway as it is all white. Forget the 5 a.m. report because it's no longer valid... snow has fallen since then, temperatures and wind have changed, and will change. You need a grooming map to tell you what is groomed because it's all been covered.

Tabula Rasa, clean slate,…


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Anyone Have a Napkin?

From the look of my face this morning, you would have thought I'd just come from an all-you-can-eat powdered sugar buffet!  That and the remnant schmutz on my lips from the breakfast burrito I snagged from "GoJo's" (i.e. Gondola Joe's Coffee Shop) this morning, you could tell I was having a great day so far.…


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Blue is my favorite color...............

  Blue Squares are on the menu for this morning! With snow in the forecast  for the next several days and 4 inches on the ground this morning, we took the opportunity to ski some of the mountain's finest intermediate runs.

  Today I have a very special guest skiing with me this morning,  my 7 year old son Dylan. He's been skiing since the ripe old age of 2 years old and is a solid intermediate skier. Our mission is to find some powder and we're heading to the Sunshine area.



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Two Kinds of Ski Days, Too

In reference to Straight Talker Amy's Wednesday post about two kinds of skiers--there are also two kinds of ski days, and the two are directly linked. Here in Steamboat we either have powder days or bluebird days, and rarely anything in between. There's either massive flakes falling out of the sky, or there's not a cloud to be seen. Rarely do we have those gloomy, no-snow days like in other parts of the country--ahem. This…


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Iconic Ski Town U.S.A.

Bluebird skies, crisp temperatures and snow crystals illuminating the air: That's what we generally wake up to here in the Yampa Valley. Today was precisely one of those legendary days. The warmer, dump-friendly weather moved out over night and left us with seven inches of pristine Champagne Powder.…


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Only Two Kinds of Skiers?

There are only two kinds of skiers/riders when it is snowing: those who don't want to get up early to ski, and those who do. To put it bluntly, I do. This morning's 5am report only recorded a trace of new snow, but also said that it had just started snowing. 'Started snowing' is enough to get me moving.…


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Carving out a good morning

No matter how many days a week you get on the mountain, there is always some anticipation and excitement when you get on the lift in the morning. I knew today was going to be great for carving some fast turns - we kept all of our runs to the groomers, but that was a perfect decision. The snow is soft, consistent and fast.…


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I can see clearly now the storm has gone

You know the song... It could have been playing as the background music for my jaunt upon our fair mountain today. When I woke, I was so happy to see clear skies since for the last few days the mountain has been draped by a cloud for the better part of the ski day. Sure we've accumulated a few more inches to add to our already pristine base, but one needs the sun!…


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Dog Days of Winter

It's always interesting to see who is getting first tracks on the mountain each morning. Today, per usual, it was a group of telemark skiers who decided to "skin" up the mountain before the gondola opens (i.e. using carpet-like traction strips on the bottom of their skis to make climbing up hill easier). One of…


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