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Four feet in three days! This place has been completely transformed into a winter wonderland - and almost by surprise. There is a weather phenomenon that Local Meteorologist Joel Gratz refers to as the "Steamboat Surprise," where pure magic is responsible for ridiculous amounts of snow falling on our ski mountain. It is why we love it here.…


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A Nod To Buddy

Steamboat tradition states that a quick tap on the head of the Buddy Werner statue at the top of Storm Peak is how we say "thanks" for our great snow and ensure more snow to come. Well... I must have tapped Buddy on the head at least 5 times this holiday weekend!

The early season snow has been nothing short of spectacular. I can't remember a better opening weekend than the one we are experiencing now. The early morning light…


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Winter wants more

I would like to dedicate my final Straight Talk Report of the season to Steamboat's snow maintenance crews! Thank you for keeping our slopes in shape and making each run so fun to ski and ride, you all rock! Cheers to you!

I personally thank you for this day- the next best thing to a powder day is the day after... When the soft winter fluff is sculpted into a fine white carpet for our carving pleasure. I love making smooth, flowing turns leaving a long ribbon track from top to…


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Spring skiing is for the birds and for me and you too!

You know it's spring when the rubber duckies are spotted at the bottom of Sundown Express lift. I wasn't quick enough to get that photo, yet I do have a few shots to give you the panoramic view of this bluebird day. Speaking of bluebirds, I've seen a few out and about on the mountain, spring is here!

High Noon is not just for getting to Rendezvous for lunch. I highly recommend this run for your warm up on these spring mornings. High Noon gets…


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Windy Day in the 'Boat

We're experiencing high winds, which means all lifts at the resort are closed until weather conditions permit. All Ski and Snowboard School lessons have been cancelled for today, but childcare and Kids' Vacation Center are operating indoors.

We want to keep you informed about the mountain's status. The best way to get updates is to follow us on Twitter at @SteamboatInfo or @SkiSteamboat.

If you have questions concerning lift tickets, please contact the Main Ticket Office at…


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Blue sky here again

Waking up, still dragging a bit from the time change, we gazed up at a cloud hiding the ski area. However, clouds can play tricks on you for just a short lift ride up a bluebird sky awaits!

Here's are a couple photos just to show you that you cannot always make the call on the weather from your window. It may look cloudy from the condo, yet up above 9,000 feet we are basking in the glory of Colorado's famous blue sky!…


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A Sense of Direction

I found my friend Doug on the mountain today. Which was a miracle, as visibility was between 20 and 100 yards depending on where you were. He introduced me to the concept of choosing to ski the fresh groomed trails on days with low visibility. You can feel your way down and it's predictable.

No doubt, skiing on days like this is different, and fun in its own way. You learn to adapt and use your other senses, mostly sense of feel. Certainly a…


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Podium Powder

The first day after the Olympics end is always a tough one. Worse than the day after Christmas, we have to wait FOUR YEARS to enjoy that excitement again. However, as we've been saying for years now, "When Olympians gather in Vancouver (Torino, Utah), it's called the Winter Games. When Olympians gather in Steamboat, it's called Monday (or whatever day of the week it is)."

That said, Billy Kidd, (Silver, slalom, Innsbruck, 1964) is skiing today.…


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The Hidden Powder Blue

Upon my approach to Gondola Square this morning, I experienced a sudden moment of Zen. At exactly 8:07am, I was surprised to see that the entire square was void of people (except the lifty grabbing a cup-o-joe on my right):

In hindsight, I'm sure I looked silly, but I actually closed my eyes and just listened to the calm, quiet air. After what seemed like an eternity (but realistically it was more like 10 seconds) I opened my lids to find a… Continue

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Getting Nicer By The Minute

The weather in Steamboat can be very interesting. Yesterday, the forecast was calling for mostly cloudy skies with a 30% chance of snow... and it ended up being a clear, blue sky day. The weather today was calling for sunny skies; and when I showed up this morning, there was a dusting of new snow and clouds covering the mountain and valley. Whatever the weather ends up being, it is always a great day in Steamboat.

It is amazing how much even just a… Continue

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Bonus Powder Day!

Yes I said powder day, although not officially. It's been a few days since our last snowfall here in Steamboat yet nevertheless I heard a powderhound howling, "Champagne Powder!" from the backside of Mt. Werner. We opened the Morningside lift at 9 a.m. this morning and I was one of the first to experience the untouched powder paradise that lay waiting.

First I headed to the sunnyside for a warm up run. Sunny it was although a few clouds scattered the sky like an unfinished puzzle.… Continue

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Straight Talk for 11/30/09

The Straight Talk thought for the day... "accumulation"

Typically I'd love to associate this word with a winter storm and more specifically a number followed by the word "feet." However we are looking at blue skies and cold temperatures in the next few days - good for accumulating hours of snowmaking.

I'm thinking more big picture here on what is the 6th day we've been open. Those who have been out on Steamboat's slopes this week are working on accumulating other things:… Continue

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Opening Day - YAY!

It's finally here! We so look forward to this day when we can finally refresh our winter routines and say 'hello' and 'welcome back' to our old friend, snow. The conditions of the man-made snow, combined with the natural snow we received this month, are incredible. My first run down Vogue reminded me that I may feel a little rusty, but when I went back up for my second run, I made sure to hang left and hit Sitz before plunging down See Me. Sometimes steeper can actually be easier. Stampede, on… Continue

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