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Beautiful Morning.

  As the flowers and trees start to bloom in the Yampa Valley  and folks start to set their sights on heading to the desert for some fun in the sun, then tend to forget about skiing and have mountain biking on the brain. The crowds start to thin and it's not unusual to have the runs all to yourself. To me, Spring skiing is some of the best times of the year. With record snows in 2011, we were blessed with powder skiing all the way to closing day and never got our taste of Spring. This year…


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Fun in the Sun

Happy Friday to everyone! With the warm spring air, people are just itching to be outside basking in the Colorado sunshine. It almost feels like summer time. Spring breakers have had it great these last few weeks with warm sunny weather and perfect spring skiing conditions.

White Out Hero Bumps…


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It snowed last night on Upper Mountain!  Is it spring?  Or is it winter?  Today was like an all-you-can-eat buffet of conditions on the mountain.  From a fresh dusting of snow at the top, to soft spring snow at the bottom, you can experience Steamboat's microclimates today. 

From the bottom of the Four Points…


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Spring IS Here

If If warm and sunny days and fun skiing are the things for you, than Steamboat in the springtime is your place. During the course of the day, the sun warms the snow into a very carve-able soft surface, it can even get slushy in some places. That makes skiing the most fun because you have so much control and…


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Yellow comes in First...

This weekend will mark Steamboat's second  Ski 4 Yellow event. Relatively new to the Livestrong Foundation, our Ski 4 Yellow events are gaining quick momentum. Locals Dave Nagel, Kerry Shae and the Steamboat Ski Resort Corporation have worked hard to make an incredible event, which directly benefits our local community. 

Last year's event was quite the success. Sadly, my team didn't win, which I'd like to remedy this winter.

This may be shallow....but I'm calling on the…


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Morning Sunshine and Groomers

The conditions were remarkable today considering the warm temperatures we have been having.  Once the sun hits the slopes everything changes.  Spring brings us a myriad of snow conditions all of which I am happy to enjoy on Mount Werner.  As we all know, preparation is the key to any successful venture.  Skiing and riding this time of year is no different.  …


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Making the Most of the Sunshine

The folks that decided to come to Steamboat for Spring Break this year really have it good...quintessential spring ski conditions and the warmth of sun that makes you feel like you're at the beach. No reason to choose between the mountains or the coast; you can have it all in the Rocky Mountains.



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Magical Slushy Machine

Slapping my skis down on the slopes for the first run of the day, I could already tell this was going to be a magical morning.  The crystallized snow from last night's freeze made it feel as if I was standing atop a giant snow cone.  The shaved ice quality to the snow was typical for this time of year and a welcome old friend.…


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Skipping Spring.

  With yesterday's temperatures reaching near 70 degrees and today's forecast expecting a mirror image, Mother Nature has decided to skip Spring this year and go right into Summer. The slopes are still in great shape and the mountain crew is doing a wonderful job keeping the trails in tip-top condition. We currently have over a 50 inch base at the summit and the coverage is still excellent. Get out, have some fun it's shaping up to be a wonderful day. Oh, don't forget plenty of water and…


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Thoroughly Impressed

The spring rays are starting to leave their mark on people; whether it is burnt noses, raccoon eyes (goggle tans), or a permanent smile. You can't help but have a great time in Steamboat. This weekend's temperatures are calling for high in the upper 60's. How can you not embrace that?!

With the colder temperatures at night as well as the hard work from mountain employees; the conditions were great this morning. My first cruiser down Rudi's left me pleasantly…


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The Quest for Corn

It's harvest season in Steamboat and the crop of choice is corn.  No, I'm not referring to actual corn, but rather a type of snow called "corn snow."  Corn snow is coarse, granular wet snow.  It forms as the result of a spring cycle of daytime melting and nighttime refreezing.  When the snow has gone through this repeated melt-freeze cycle, it begins to form granules that resemble corn.  When softened by the morning sun, this snow is perfect for making fast, long-radius turns.  The picture…


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It only takes a little bit of sunshine to make me forget what winter feels like, and then a day like today to remember that winter ski season is hardly over. I did check the temperature this morning and grabbed a pair of spring gloves, only to notice the bright sun give way to a cooling cloud layer as the morning progressed. The good news about this protective cloud layer is that it helps to preserve the condition of this week's fresh snow.…


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Spring brings Change

  One thing I’ve learned growing up in the mountains, is the weather and conditions always change.

            After a week of warm, balmy spring skiing, the heavens have brought snow to our slopes. Blue bird skies, cooler weather and 5 inches of fluff were a total treat. With coffee in hand, I loaded the gondola eager to enjoy the quiet morning. Eyeing Heavenly Daze, I opted to save my ripper run for the grand finale. I had to press onward and upward. I had…


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He's baaacck...

Yep. It seems that Old Man Winter has returned for a quick visit to the Yampa Valley bringing cold temps and about 3 inches of powder with him. This small storm has pushed the refresh button on the mountain making for a fun winter-spring-hybrid sort of day.

After days and days of glorious sunshine…


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Granulated Goodness

There's something to be said for skiing first tracks the day after an Irish holiday.  Needless to say I had the slopes to myself for a few juicy hours this morning.

The snow conditions first thing could best be described as granulated sugar. You know the raw sugar packets you see in Starbucks? The…


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St. Patrick's Day groomers.

  It's another beautiful day here in the Yampa Valley. With temperatures expected in the 60's, the Spring skiing is at it's finest. The snow conditions are holding strong and with one month of skiing left, we are in for a great end of the season.

  Riding the Sundown lift, the morning breeze felt warm on…


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Get It While You Can

Spring conditions mean that early in the morning conditions are firm, until they soften up when the sun hits them. With this in mind, I figured Tomahawk would be a good choice to kick off the day. I have lost count on how many bluebird days we have had in a row; everyday has been spectacular, and this one will be no different.

On Tomahawk I saw these two kids who seemed to be brother and sister. Competing their way down the slopes, and whoever could get to their dad…


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Carpe Diem

The final countdown is on!  One month from today the lifts will make their last laps around the towers and come to a final stop.  I recall the anticipation I feel every fall to get back on my skis after a long summer.  This thought reminds me that one month goes by fast and it's time to seize the day! …


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2011/12 Season over for us

Now back in Lagos after 4 weeks in Steamboat. Arrived to pretty good snow but all frontside groomer type skiing for first few days and we were prepared for this to last all vacation. Then came the snow! Had a full 7 days on our powder boards and another 10 on the midfats before back to carving skis for last week spent in the spring sun. Absolutely wonderful and back in the summer for golf and biking.

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Little Rippers

Steamboat is home to more Olympians than any other town in the world. Yes, Olympian folk are almost more common than our beloved neighborhood pooches. I always joke that if you want to rub shoulders with some of the best in the world, head to City Market at 5pm and you will find more than you bargained for!

With all this athletic prowess in one small place, it's always refreshing to see the younger generations coming up for their taste of greatness. The hungry, unaltered love for the…


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