It’s that time of year when we are soon to move our clock an hour forward and many of us are already planning spring trips to tropical locations. In the eagerness of what comes next, we all make the mistake of rushing through our current landscape. In all honesty, this has been a common thread in my own life. My skiing career often created this by default as we were always moving from one venue to the next working toward the next world cup event. Additionally, my multiple injuries pushed me to move beyond my immediate discomfort to the long road of recovery. Now, as a parent I find myself guilty of the same push for the next “phase”.

What is it about life that has us anxiously pushing for what has yet to come as opposed to appreciating the here and now? Is it lack of contentedness? Or perhaps, the never ending struggle to have more? I find this hurried sense even extends to the weather and seasons! We often can’t wait for the next powder day without enjoying the actual moment in front of us.

As a parent, I have found myself struggling with this same push toward the new milestone, next phase or even upcoming adventure. Yet, in the two short years since I’ve began this crazy journey moments keep flying by. “Firsts” are coming and going and I can’t help but wonder why we rush through all of life’s goodness.

With the close of the Olympics, I wondered how many athletes felt like they had embraced every opportunity and experience. Had they felt as though they capitalized on the incredible moment that perhaps would never come again? Or had they been pushing toward the next chapter? I know I left my Olympic career wishing I had enjoyed the little moments more. Because in reality, I will never experience that unique magic again.

Lately, I’ve been reminded of the delicate beauty of life and the importance of enjoying the daily gifts we’re given. The next moment is not where fulfillment is but rather it’s in the present. It’s in the now.