The mountain reported 2.5″ of fresh fluffy snow on the mountain at 5AM this morning (skiing more like boot-knee deep by the time the mountain opened as it’s been nuking huge snowflakes all morning)! Don’t forget to check the Steamboat Powder Cam for the latest snow totals on days like today when it continues to snow after the 5AM report.

Powder Cam 4:30AM


Powder Cam 11AM

The last storm, which surprised us with 12″ of freshies on Tuesday was one of the best day of the season until today rolled around. Yes, sadly I missed the 15″ Friday sleeper day as did 3/4 of this town, who would have thought 2″ at my house translated to 15″ by last chair? I’m not going to make the same mistake twice, after writing this blog I’m getting back out there and skiing until my legs can’t take anymore delicious powder turns.

Sending it off North St. Pats

The mountain is oh so soft today and it’s only going to get better throughout the day, snow on top of snow on top of snow always translates to a big contagious powder grin and there’s LOTS more on the way!

Freshies on Shadows

I rode up with the First Tracks group which was an amazing experience, fresh uncut powder off the Sundown lift until 9AM and ski right up to the lift. I had a good 4 runs in before the non-first tracks people starting filling in at 9AM. Even with everyone else on the mountain it’s not much, every lift I hit today was ski right up and sparsely filled chairs.

Lower Shadows

It’s classic storm skiing out there, poor viability, cold, make sure you bring a face mask as you wont want to take a break. Also, now that we’ve had two large back to back storms be on the lookout and cautious for tree wells.

Get out your powder sticks and I’ll see you on the mountain this afternoon!


Byron Carney, Alpine skier

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