What is new? What has gone? What is good? For this season.




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Restaurants? Where is the snow??????????????????

But we are skiing New Mexico again this year but plan to do Steamboat in 2014, cant wait to get back there!

Hi Boo!  I'm not sure that I have heard of any new restaurants in town since last winter, besides maybe a couple of fast food places.  The Laundry next to Creekside Cafe was around last year, and Carl's Tavern was too.  We have eaten at Carl's and recommend it, but we have not eaten at the Laundry (have heard mixed reviews).  Last winter we also ate at the Irish Pub (nothing special - doubt we will go back).

Wasn't there a Mexican place, La Fiesta Grill that's new since last year (opened mid season last year?)? At least I thought it was new--maybe I'm just behind! I think it's on Central Park Drive or Central Park Plaza, something in that vicinity.

Anyone been there???

Carl's has become my place to go downtown.


Snow would be nice too - keeping an eye for updates.

But a girl has to eat... (all that skiing makes you hungry).

Will look at the new Mexican (question is, is it better than Cantina?)

Carl's looks interesting too - great to have a personal recommendation.

Will look at The Laundry, but "mixed reviews" isn't too attractive (since there is so much choice/competition)




Last stop at the Cantina last season, I got some really bad beer. I prefer Fiesta Jalisco myself.


I like Cantina for the food, but I like the margaritas better at Rio Grande.  Depending on our mood as to which is more important determines which place we go.  (Guess which one usually  wins?!)

I have not eaten at the Laundry.  From my  understanding they specialize in small plates.  I also understand that the prices are relatively  high.  The person I talked to said that they paid a lot of money, didn't get much food, and then went out and bought a pizza.  Just to balance out opinions, the Laundry is owned by Rex Bryce that owns several other well regarded restaurants around town.  It would be good to hear from someone that has eaten there and get their opinion.

Sorry, forgot to say "thank you" for the suggestions :)



So when will you be in the 'Boat?  Missing your blogs.....

Oooops, JUST got back (left last Wednesday).

Thank you very much. Sadly don't have the time to do what I used to do (Jnr removes any spare time I have during a ski trip - so no time to write them), but want to write a summary Blog from our trip. Will try to do that over the next week.

Needless to say it was a great trip! HUGE amounts of snow for the first 6 days, then amazing bluebird groomers the last 4 days. Jnr did Buckaroos (childcare with one hour private) and I think that he benefitted hugely and husband and I certainly did too! Ski holidays with a (just) 3 year old are rather hard work, but really good too. 


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