I downloaded the Steamboat App from the Apple App Store and it has some problems. It locates my season pass fine and the snow and grooming etc reports also work fine. Have not yet used it for tracking runs as I am temporarily out of town.

What is bugging me is it doesn't download my info like days I used my pass. It just seems to get hung up searching or something. I would use it exclusively but I may stick with the Skitracks App that has worked fine for me this year tracking runs, speeds and vertical feet instead of the "official" Steamboat App. I plan on trying the run tracking function on the "official" app when I get back Wed.

Anyone else used the Steamboat App? The graphics are good and the various item are useful but I would like to have it download my personal info.


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Hi SkiSteamboat,

I'm looking into this right now.  Thanks for the heads-up!


No worries. Thanks
So I tried the tracking part of the app on this fabulous Bluebird day. It clearly is in need of some serious work or else I have no idea how to use it. 

I tapped the run icon and this is the result  The app lists all of my chair rides as runs with the graphic of the map showing the lift line and the vertical as a run down the mountain complete with the stops for loading and unloading  glitches. It also does not record ANY downhill portions of any run. 

With the exception the grooming and lift report which is accurate, not much else seems to work. As I will be in town for the next two weeks James, if you want to see my results let me know. I will go back to using the Skitracks App as it works great and limit the Steamboat app to finding what has and hasn't been groomed..


Hi SkiSteamboat,

FYI, I use SkiTracks as my go-to App for on-mtn run tracking as well. It's incredibly rich and well executed.  

I'd like to take you up on your offer to let me see what the mapping portion of the Steamboat App is doing on your phone.  I've successfully used it to track runs, so am curious regarding what you're seeing.


Send me a PM and I will bring the phone to wherever you like so you can see what the app is doing.


The issue of scans not showing up in the App appears to be fixed.  

Please quit the app if it's currently running, and then restart and log back in.

As you already know, all pass scan data can be found under the first icon (Resort Product). 


Scan totals now working as stated!


I just downloaded the Steamboat app to my iPhone and have a question.  My pass (and my husbands and kid's passes) were all purchased online and under my husbands e-mail.  When I am asked to sign in on the app, I entered his e-mail and password (that passes were purchased under), but it only brings up his pass.  I doesn't show the other passes purchased under that e-mail.  Then I tried registering with my name. It asks for my name, address, birthdate etc... then says it can't find a pass holder under that name.  How do I find my info?  Hope this makes sense?  Thanks in advance!


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