are there any gondola base ski/snowboard shops that have overnight storage? i think steamboat ski shop does but not sure they rent snowboards and store them. also what do beginner adult snowboarders need to rent and use? thanks

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New one for this year is Fleischer Sports (Owned and operated by Chad Fleischer, ex olympian) and if you rent from them, you get free overnight storage.

I believe it's going to be exceptionally good equipment (all new for this year) and apparently the whole ethos of the place is about the quality. It will be located in the new commercial space in One Steamboat Place.

Other storage options with Sportstalker, Steamboat Ski and Sport and Edgewerks if you rent elsewhere.
thanks for the information!
don't fret with what you need to rent before you get there. Whomever you rent from will know what you need based on your experience and body factors. And if you don't like the equipment switch it our for a different setup.
planning on reserving the equiptment before we get there. with 6 people to fill their needs, I just wanted names of places around the gondola. looks like there is alot of snow coming down observing from the mountain cams!!!!
I think the two places offering the ultimate in convenience (without navigating steps and stairs) would be Steamboat Ski and Sport in the Sheraton and Fleischer Sport in OSP.

Not sure how Steamboat Ski and Sport works in terms of whether you're guaranteed storage in the Sheraton or whether they'll make you take them to the shop at the back of Gondi Square which isn't as convenient.
For the life of me I can't think of the name of the rental Co. we used last year. It is at the base of the mountain and provides the shortest walk to the lift. Looking at the interactive map I think its Ski & Sport Sheraton location. Can someone comfirm? I remember being able to walk out the doors and right onto the snow. Last year they had ski storage and lockers outside the store for overnight boots.
That is the Place.

Hi! Can you tell me where the ski schools meet in the morning - is it by the gondola? I'm trying to work out where the best hire/overnight storage location would be - our kids will be in ski school for 3-4 days out of our 7 days and we're staying at Timber Run, so am not sure where the easiest location for us would be? Thanks! (also can you tell me if most adults are wearing helmets these days or not and how much they are the hire generally??)
Ski School meets on the snow in front of the Gondola.

Either Fleischer Sport or Steamboat Ski and Sport at the Sheraton will be the most convenient to rent and store from (and as I said in an earlier post, I don't know if you're guaranteed storage at the Sheraton location or the slightly less convenient location at the back of Gondi Square if you book through Steamboat Ski and Sport).

The Shuttle from Timber Run will drop you at the Transportation Center and you'll walk past Fleischer to get to the meeting point.

More and more people wear helmets and I would fully recommend them....approx $5 /day to rent or $75-$125 to buy.
i will be using a helmet and so will most people in my party. it took me a long time to learn all this in my brain..i don't want to lose it!!! thanks for you help!!!! sse ya in december!
Hi Helen - Mary, here, with Steamboat Central Reservations. Timber Run has a great, complimentary private shuttle system for their guests, and they will drive you right to the entrance to Gondola Square (then pick you up later in the day).
The lessons for kids and adults all start in the Gondola Square area or just out front of the Gondola Square. Steamboat Ski & Sport in the Sheraton is considered a ski in location and is a short walk to the lifts, the Kids' Vacation Center, adult lessons, etc. If you would prefer to have the fittings for rentals in your condo choose Ski & Sport Ski Delivery Express; you can then store the skis/boards at the Sheraton location overnight.
For discounts and best availability arrange 7 or more days prior to arrival. Kids rental packages are free when mom or dad (one-to-one) rents for, at least, 3 days. Kids packages include helmets with Ski&Sport; adults do not. Have fun! Mary
When checking out Fleischer Sports' website, the only skis they show are Armada and Blizzard. Are these the only skis that will be available to demo?


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