Ski and Snowboard Rentals by Fleischer Sport can tell you that the recent clear cutting of the private land the ski area owns is going to significantly enhance the overall experience of beginner skiers for the ski area.
The amount of terrain and acreage that has been cut looks to be some of the finest skiing beginners can enjoy without going to the top of the slopes. This is important for those skiers who may be intimidated by having to go so far from the base area to ski green runs.
This terrain coupled with the new One Steamboat PLace base area facilities, the new Kids Vacation Center, Ski School Ticket office and the opeining of the Truffle Pig restaurant, market and deli are what is going to take Steamboat to the next level for it's client base.
 Fleischer Sport (ski and snowboard rentals) and Surefoot (boot fitting specialists) are also in the One Steamboat Place building.  The base of the mtn now has it all and the mountain has expanded beginner terrain at the bottom of the mountain.
It always snows in Steamboat, so when it does, this season looks to be the finest year yet thanks to the Steamboat Ski Resort and their efforts!

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Where is the new area located or close to? My new skiers in my family will be happy to hear this!!!
If you are looking up from the base of the Thunderhead lift it is up and to the right all the way to the race arena and down to the Christy express half way point.
that will be real nice!!!! lots of room to practice.
So will this add new trails or just wide open mountainside? What lift would service the area? I do agree that Steamboat is not the best mountain for beginners so anything to help add more green runs would be a great thing!
More or less a wide open mountainside but it is a ton of terrain considering there was none there previously with the exception of two narrow runs.
Hopefully someone else from resort can shed light on future plans but I have heard a new lift comes in one year and a kids/beginners gondola like Beaver Creek with a kids center of sorts in this area as well.
On a percentage I am not sure how much terrain it actually is but if you have skied Steamboat and are coming back it will be obvious to you.
Chad Fleischer
The best place for a new lift is Elkhead. In all of last season, I don't think I ever made it to the top without stopping at least once. When they put in the High Speed Lift in Wally World it was a vast improvement although the loading area is a bit of a circus at times.

If the powers that be want to open up some terrain with a new lift, my suggestion would be to string one from the top of Pony Express (or in the Flying Z Gulch) up to the top of Mount Werner. My vote would be to replace Burgess Creek or Elkhead with a four-place detachable, and use the old slow lift from one of these locations to take skiers to the top of the Chutes, eliminating the need to hike or take Morningside lift.

This was mentioned last year as a possibility for future development (when money is available).  There was also talk of replacing Elkhead and moving it somewhere, but I don't remember the details right now.


Burgess Creek was just replace a few years ago (the one there now replaced a fixed-grip double).


You might be able to find last year's discussion somewhere on the site).


Sounds like they are making lemonade out of lemons with all the clearing of the Beetle Kill pines.

So, while I'm looking at a trail map here, all the trees have been cleared from "right of way" up through "giggle gulch" to the base of the race area, is that correct? Is the trail "short cut" still threre or did they clear all those trees as well down to headwall north? That would be a HUGE open area for beginners!
And my kids would be so sad. Those trees were the left behinds from the demise of Rough Riders as I remember. Probably just as well since they regularly hit Twilight and 2:30ish trees by the end of our trip last year. So long little kids.
Hi - Mary, here, with Steamboat Central Reservations. The Rough Riders programs for kids is still going strong. Just booked several sessions earlier today for a family.

Enjoy your stay, Mary



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