I am looking at a Google Maps shot of what looks like trails from the bottom of Morningside lift, ie. Black Powder, Hot Cakes, Jump Start.  Can you ski down below Morningside lift and end up on the front side of the ski area without walking or hiking? If yes, is this a good tree run (tree spacing)? Any details from you locals would be appreciated!

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Black Powder takes you back to Tomahawk, not Morningside, as near as I can figure (haven't run that one yet).

Jump Start and Hot Cakes will take you to Bail Out, which feeds you to the Morningside Lift.  If you go through the gate below the Morningside lift, you are going in back country heading AWAY from the front of the mountain.  It mostly feeds you towards the road on Rabbit Ears Pass.

From the Sunshine Area or Morningside, you must ride a lift to get back to the front side without walking/hiking. (from the TOP of Sunshine you get get to the front, but once you pass Rendezvous Way, you need a lift).

"Trails" from the bottom of Morningside are Out of Bounds (not patrolled). Hot Cakes, etc will take you down the steeper part of Morningside bowl down to the flat run outs to Morningside Lift.


For trees, Shadows and Closet are the signature runs. Also take a hike to the right from the top of Morningside Lift to Christmas Tree Bowl. Pioneer Ridge also has trees that are more widely spaced although I avoid it unless we get a big dump as it is more "natural" than the rest of the mountain. ;)



I guess I wasn't completely clear with my question, although Rick did reply that trying to ski below the bottom of Morningside lift will not take me back to Tomahawk or the Sunshine lift. I'm going to assume that this is correct unless someone replies here otherwise. Morningside is such a short stretch of vertical, it's a shame that you cannot ski down lower below the bottom of the lift.

Rick is correct. You cannot get back to the Sunshine Peak area from the base of Morningside Chair without a hike uphill. In fact, you can't get there from the top of the lift unless you ski down to Bar UE or all the way to the Storm Peak Express or hike up to and past the top of those chairs and cut across.


Morningside was put in IMHO to access Christmas Tree Bowl and the Chutes. Its also another way to access Buddy's Run from the Sunshine Peak area.



A more elegant solution to accessing Christmas Tree Bowl & the Chutes would be to string a lift up there from the top of Pony Express lift. I think this would open up all kinds of terrain and improve the whole flow of the mountain.

A better use of lift money is to replace Elkhead with a High Speed Quad. In the 17 years I have lived in  Steamboat during the ski season, I have NEVER ridden that lift without a stop at least once and most times more. It is a true bottleneck at the end of the day and a PITA the rest of the time. ;)





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