We are new to Steamboat. My two sisters & Hubbys and 4 kids are coming to you for our Mardi Gras Vacation. Do we need to bring our beads to throw off the lift? Are there any fun events going on that week?

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My family is also coming that week, I've heard they pop fireworks and I also was wondering should I bring my own beads!
there's a store down in Central Park Plaza called Celebrations that sells all kinds of Beads and other party stuff. They are closing in April but you can still get whatever you need for Fat Tuesday there.

There are a few trees that seem to attract beads and bras.
It's always a festive time here, but nothing like Mardi Gras or Carnival.
We have one Cajun-inspired restaurant (Sunpie's) where you can get your po-boy and a good drink.
We're coming that week too!!! We get there on the 24th.
Awesome, I will make sure to have beads and possibly an extra bra on hand to slingshot towards the tree Mesa is talking about!! Kup Are u as excited as me, I mark the calendar everyday, I go skiing every year somewhere, You just can't get the kid out of me...My kids are even annoyed, "O.K. mom, 1 week and 3 days , we know"!!
Happy Skiing!
every bit as excited! we locked this in early last August, so Ive been counting down the months, and now its down to days. And, yes, know the feeling, each day I tell the wifey and kids about a good snow dump, a good video, photo, etc. on this site, and they all roll their eyes in unison.

As for where you're staying. I didnt realize there were a bunch of 'eagle ridges'. So yours is walking distance or ski in/ski out? I'd like to try that sometime, but I know there's typically a big jump in $$$ for that.
Definitely swing by Celebrations, which is down by Wal-Mart and City Market. However, they are starting to pack up now, and close the store. It might not be open unless you can get there soon. Bring beads if you can because others on the mountain will want to trade with you. The wilder, the better!
Saw an add in the Today that they are closing Friday 20 Feb, I suppose Walmart will have beads but I am not sure.

Since several of you have said you are coming at about the same time, I would like to remind you of tradition a few of us started last year--forum members meeting face to face when they are in town at the same time.

If you go to the "Groups" tab at the top of the page, look for a discussion that includes your dates (or start on if there isn't one). Others who are in town at the same time can join the discussion, and agree on a date/time/place for a meeing.

Last year we had a big one at Slopeside after skiing in January. Some of the same group met again this January, also at Slopeside. Others have met at Stoker for lunch; other places are available, just discuss and agree.

It is really fun to finally meet the people you know only from the forum.
count me in. Im there 2/24 - to 3/3.



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