* We already have lift tickets through our condo reservation company - 2x 5of7 w/2x KSF

* Wife and 3 girls have never skied before

* Girls will be  8, 7, and 5 (one month from 6)

We're skiing 5 days and I'd like to have at least two days skiing with the whole family even if it means green only.  My plan is to stick all the girls in ski school for the first two days and if they don't feel comfortable, a 3rd or 4th day.

It looks like the best option for my wife is the 3-pack, but the "Complete 3 Learn to Ski" is also shown under adult lessons for $60 more.  Are these the same classes but one has a guarantee and one doesn't?

What is the difference between the Sundance Kids program and the general Ski & Snowboard Kids program?  I see that the Sundance Kids check in at 8:00am, do they ski the whole day?

Sorry for so many questions, any advice is welcomed.  Looking forward to a snowy February!

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I'm Nelson Wingard, Director of our school.  I don't get onto this site as often as I should, so here is my direct email if you need more information:


the complete 3 is the best option for you wife.  It included lessons, lifts and rentals.  If you lifts are included and you've got a different deal for your rentals, the the three pack of lessons is the way to go.  The three pack is designed for people who have skied before, but your wife will go into the same 'Never-Ever' lesson as the other first time skiers.  As for you kids, you've got the right idea.  Give them 3-4 days to get to where they can ski independent then have a family day.  You might consider purchasing a private lesson instructor or two for those days.  our private lessons can have up to five people of your choosing.  So one instructor can ski with your entire family.  They can help find the right terrain to meet the needs of all three kids.  Your older kids will be in our Ski Kids programs and your 5.9 year old will be in our KVC programs.    Our pros are trained specifically to work with families in private lessons.  With four early skiers in the mix, adding a private lesson will make that family ski day more fun.  I don't recomend trying to learn the sport all together.  It's much better to learn with people of similar age and development.


Let me know if you have any other questions.




Nelson Wingard



If your kids are like most, by the 4th day, you can take the whole tribe up to the Sunshine Peak area and ski some easy Blue and a few Green runs.

Start your snow dance if you have not already.

I'm hopeful they will catch on quick and I know my girls so that's a real possibility. 

I talked with Nelson off list and his suggestions are great.  I'm glad Steamboat is a family-friendly place and we're looking forward to a great trip.


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