I'm not a good skier but was able to ski Tomahawk last year with no trouble. Looking to try some other easy blue trails this year, any suggestions? Just watched the video of top of High Noon and I think I could ski that.

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Tomahawk is a great start. You may want to try the Sunshine Lift Line next.
Any of the trails from the Top of Sunshine Express should suit you like Upper and Lower High Noon, Quick Draw, Flintlock and Sunshine Lift Line. You can make laps there all day long with a break at Rendezvous Saddle.

Buddy's Run is another one at the top of Storm Peak Express.

Definitely agree about checking out the other blues off of Sunshine (Sunshine Liftline, Quickdraw and Flintlock). Suggest you avoid Lower High Noon as PEAK periods: toward the end of the day, there are "bodies" everywhere... Should be ok during quiet times, though: it is steeper than Thomahawk, but just take your time getting down :-)

Have fun exploring the mountain :-)

Here is a great (true) blue lap. Start at Buddy's Run and take it to Calf Roper. Scoot across the 4 Points Hut area to Rainbow. Halfway down Rainbow you have 2 choices;
1. Take Moonlight down to Sundown Express Chair or Elkhead.
2. Finish Rainbow into Ego and you will have 3 lifts to choose from.
Option 1 has you covering alot of mountain. It's a nice long trip between chairlifts. This is one of my first runs when I get to Steamboat to get my mountain ski legs back.

It's a little more of a challenge than Sunshine lift area, but when you get done, you will be able to look up and say, Yeah! I did that! ...and you will be able to do it. Just turn more and take your time. You'll be amazed as to how you can improve your skiing ability by just taking the next challenge!
I am going to try this but maybe not the first day. With a whole year between trips may take a day or 2 to make sure I still have ski legs!
there are several short blacks you should try , they are not that bad, I can do them and I am not an advanced skier.
Which blacks are the easiest? Do these all have moguls?
No, not all blacks have moguls - infact very few have "proper moguls" (i.e. proper, big bumps).

A good way to choose which blacks to do is to look at the daily grooming report (available online, paper copies at the base and at Thunderhead). The grooming report will say which blacks have been groomed and these will be the smoothest ones: they may still be steep, but they are "easier" (which is always subjective!) to get down - at least no bumps the size of SUVs on them.... ;-)

Probably the easiest Black is West Side after a good grooming. After the somewhat narrow but relatively flat entry trail, West Side is very wide and not too steep. When guiding intermediate skiers, it is one of the trails I like to use if they are in the market for a Black Run but shy away from ones like Three O'clock and Rolex.
Like everyone else I'd suggest Quickdraw, Flintlock, Sunshine Liftline, Upper Highnoon and probably Rainbow as being relatively easy blues. I'm a pretty wimpy skier and am fine on all of these.

I'm not sure I'd do a black as mentioned above if I was still looking to stick with easier blues, but everyone is different. In fact, I got taken on See Me (easy black) 2 seasons ago by an instructor and I think she realized she'd made a mistake (for me) about 2 seconds after we got there. It may not seem steep if you're used to it or pretty confident, but even the easier blacks are a fair bit steeper than some of the blues (especially the easy blues).
These are all fabulous tips!!!! I've been cutting and pasting into my little cheat sheet for the mountain - heck, maybe even into an tattoo!!!!.

Hey, also, someone sent the link to those lens cloth thingys that have the trail maps on them - are they really legible and/or worth it? I assume they're not only on line, but can also be had at the resort?
Trail Maps are free and much better IMHO. If you ask someone who looks like a local (no lift ticket hanging somewhere is a good sign), we will be glad to help you out if you need some directions. Any ski patroller or instructor will also be glad to help if they are not deep in their assigned duties.

I (and many others) will usually ask somebody staring at a map if they need some help.




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