I was interested in taking my daughter on a dog sled tour? Any recommendations? Still possible in March/April when we will be there?

Saddleback sounds like a great option for a day trip to offset skiing, but I think the Dogsled might be really cool for her! She's an animal freak!


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does Steamboat have dogsled tours? I haven't heard or read about them but that would be cool!

I think there are companies in Steamboat..... Red dog or something like that, but not specifically at Steamboat. I thought at one time when I was looking on their website under activities it was there, but now it's not, so that's why I was asking.
I have done the Grizzle T dogsled rides several times. You get to drive the sled, and it is way too much fun! They pick you up at your condo, it takes 1/2 a day. I just uploaded some pictures from the last time I went. I am looking forward to doing it again.
I would definitely recommend Grizzle-T Dog & Sled Works 970-870-1782. Every time we have family and friends come to town we go and it is always a blast!! They take you out and teach you how to drive your dog team. You go out on a private ranch and have views of the Steamboat Ski Area, the Flat Tops, and Sleeping Giant. It is so much fun and the dogs are amazing; they just want to keep going and going. Kris, the owner is super nice and so are all his employees. You should definitely call them ahead of your trip though they book up fast because they are such a good operation especially during the popular weeks of winter holidays. Have fun with Grizzle-T!!!!!
Red Runner has guided tours, lots of fun, 8 mile trip along the south side of Stagecoach Lake. Just sit back in the sled and enjoy the ride, maybe drive the sled a little if you want. Grizzle T has a more adventurous tour where you drive your own sled. Go to www.redrunnerdogsledtours.com and www.grizzlet.com for more info.
My wife and I are coming the week of February 6-13 and would like to try the dog sledding but we're not sure we want to do a 1/2 day of it. Is there another option anywhere for a shorter trip? From what I can tell, Grizzle T and Red Runner both do similar trips that require at least 1/2 day, plus transportation time. Maybe our expectations are unrealistic but any comments on other options might help us out.


I've just had family in town visiting and took them dog sledding just this last Sunday at Grizzle T. All as I can say is WOW!

Without doubt, it was one of the best things I've experienced in town - really something that for most people is a once in a lifetime kinda deal.

Grizzle T is an awesome set up, Chris and Sarah the Owners are super nice and you just wouldn't believe how awesome the dogs are, nor how beautiful the scenery and views are as you go round the trails.

I just can't recommend doing this highly enough - absolutely amazing experience and if I get a chance later, I'll post some photos and maybe even a more detailed blog!
A couple of photos:

The 3rd one shows how 'annoyed' the dogs get when you stop....all they want to do is run!

The 4th one is just funny cos it looks as though the dog is about to puke!!

Did you do your trip in the morning or the afternoon? Any thoughts on which would be better? thanks for the wonderful feedback - we are definitely going to do this!

Also - any idea how far in advance we need to make reservations?
We did it in the afternoon and were pretty happy we did since it was exceptionally cold that morning.

Of course if you do the afternoon session then it's going to get cold by the end (about 5pm) but I think I would rather start warm and end a little cold than start cold and never warm up!

Make sure you wear lots and lots and lots of layers - those dogs run fast!

I'd make reservations as far in advance as possible - there's an enormous amount of effort that goes into preparing the sled teams and it's not something you could do last minute.
A morning trip is also enormous fun - the dogs are just gasping to get going, it's unbelievable! Watching the guys set up the teams is all part of the experience. If there's been any snow overnight, then you get to 'break trail' a little bit too (they lead off with a snowmobile so you don't need to worry about directions!). Ski gear and goggles are recommended, definitely. Although those sleds are pretty snug for the rider, you get to swap over half-way for a chance at driving.
We went to Grizzle T back in '07 and Chris brought a couple of teeny pups into the cabin after our ride and spent any amount of time answering questions. I cannot recommend the experience highly enough, way more fun than snowmobiling!
Grizzle-T dog sledding is one of the best experiences that we have had in Steamboat. The kids are still talking more about the day of dog sledding than the ski school group that they went to every day!



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