We are coming to steamboat in mid Jan from New Zealand. Two years ago we skied at snowbird in Utah. Before heading to the mountain we bought our gear from level9 in Salt Lake City. They mounted the binding while we waited. All in all we were in and out of the shop within an hour. Great staff and great service. Is there any where in steamboat springs that will offer the same while you wait service and also with a good variety of skis.

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Your best bet is to contact stores directly.

I bought a pair of skis from Steamboat Ski and Sport a few years ago after demo'ing 6-7 different ones.  When I made my decision, the new skis were ready overnight.  So not quite what you are asking for, but I had old skis to use, so it wasn't a problem.

If you  know the skis you want, you might just call a shop and purchase them before you come and tell them to mount the bindings and have them waiting for you when you arrive.  If you don't know what you want, then I would recommend demo'ing skis.  The cost of the demo is applied to the price of the skis, so there is essentially no cost - the only risk is if you decide not to buy.  I went to the yurt at the top of the gondola (part of Steamboat Ski and Sport) and also the Steamboat Ski and Sport shop in the Sheraton at the base to exchange demo skis.  I would ski for a few hours on a ski on various terrain to see which ones I liked.  Then I took my two favorites and skied them back-to-back to make my choice.

The problem with expecting to walk in, buy skis, and get the bindings mounted in an hour is that you don't know if the shop will have the ski you want in the length you want unless you make arrangements ahead of time. If you expect to be in and out in an hour, you may very well have to settle for a different ski or a different price point than what you really want.

With all the caveats out of the way, some of the shops you can check with are:

Steamboat Ski and Sport, Christy Sports (near the gondola), Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare (also near the gondola), Fleischer Sport (also near the gondola), and Terry Sports (Ski Time Square).  Away from the mountain, you might check with Ski Haus, One Stop Ski Shop, and probably some others that I forgot.  Check out the Steamboat Chamber of Commerce web site to find ski shops:  www.steamboat-chamber.com

Good luck and enjoy your trip to the 'Boat.

Thank you for the advice. I will contact the ski shops you recommended to check on availability of skis before I arrive.

I'm already super excited about our trip to the Boat. I hope the snow gods are favourable as they were when we were at Snowbird a couple of years ago.

It's been a rather dry season here in N.Z this year. Most of the fields are quite bony although my local skifiled had 20 inches last week which made for some great skiing last weekend.

Thanks once again for your suggestions



Hi Brendon,

How about buying some skis hand crafted in Steamboat made with wood logged from the mountain?  We would have everything ready ahead of time and waiting for you at the slope.  Of course you can ski them first to make sure you like them.  Visit our site for more info about the skis.  Our site is still in the development stage but you can get an idea.  Let me know if can interest you in trying a pair?


If you are interested in buying skis in Steamboat, then I would second demo'ing first too. Either the shop in the Sheraton (you could then swap at the Yurt mid-Mountain too) or somewhere like Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare (in One Steamboat Place). Not the cheapest way of purchasing (although the demo fee should be redeemable against purchase), but skis can be such a personal choice and worth getting the "right" ones.
Boo Boo. Demo seems the way to go. Thanks for all your advice.

I second demoing...

Im partial to Christy's.  Pretty good selection.

I recommend One Stop Ski Shop, in Downtown Steamboat (very near the mountain)



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