I know, this question has been asked in a multitude of ways, but I feel a need to put my twist on it.

We are considering leaving the cold, grey, flatlands of Michigan for a short early April visit to Steamboat. While our winter has been cold and snowy, the skiing leaves a great deal to be desired. We have 3 boys (5, 7, and 11) who have never skied outside of MI and we originally planned on heading west in 2 years. However, the April deals are unbelievable and we are now considering a quick trip that would give us 3 days of skiing.

It appears that this year you have received an average amount of snow. In a year like this, what is a typical April skiing day like? Knowing that my wife and two younger boys prefer Greens, would we have a hard time finding skiable Green runs if weather is >50 degrees? Of course, our Michigan legs and lungs may limit us to only skiing in the morning.

Anything you can share with me is greatly appreciated. We may wait for another week or two to decide...

Take Care! Brad in MI

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End of season last year was phenomenal - we got dumped on big time in April and everyone was gutted the Mountain closed when it did because we could have easily skied it for another couple of weeks after closing day!

Spring skiing rocks, hopefully this year will be no exception!
Spring skiing in Steamboat is excellent. I've never been let down.
re April 2011 (!!) when do Steamboat decide and publish when the skiing will close for 2011 as we are considering coming back to Steamboat in April 2011. It would be the first week in April for about 7 nights, as we live over in the UK and our kids break up for Easter holidays on April 1st. (we came to Steamboat for the 1st time this Xmas and had a total blast however family committments prevent us from being over there this next Xmas as well...) so we are considering April...is it worth the international flight money to come then or are we best giving it a miss, as we don't want to have a disappointing trip and then not wish to return to Steamboat.. it's a tough call - do the ski schools still operate fully this late in the season and have the same fun instructors? Is it like a ghost town? Thanks - I know no one can predict the snow but am hoping to collect opinion from the past 5 years or so!
They practically always close the Sunday before the 15th of April. April is good but march will be better.

Thanks for that...looks like we could get plenty of skiing in before closedown then, if the snow allows..I would dearly love to come in March but school holidays next year do not allow...they do get nearly 4 weeks break, but sadly it's going to be all in April as Easter falls late.
Are there still be plenty of kids ski instructors available (I dont think that it'll be US school holidays?) - the great ski school is our main reason for wanting to come back to Steamboat and are the restaurants all still open?



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