I need to make a confession, after skiing 50+ days every season for the last 20 years I’ve become a spoiled rotten ski bum.

Frankly, I wasn’t feeling it this AM when I rolled out of bed, -10 in the valley, no new snow, do I really want to go ski today? My feelings quickly shifted when I opened up my blinds to another beautiful Steamboat sunrise. It seemed pretty obvious to me that the mountain was calling and I must answer!

The sunrise reminded me just how lucky we are to drive 5 minutes to ski one of the best ski resorts in the world. I ate some quick breakfast and off to the mountain.

There’s a nice inversion in the valley with the top of Thunderhead 20 degrees warmer than the valley floor making for some great early morning turns. I was expecting it to be hard pack this morning based on the temperature and to my surprise the groomers were smooth and soft. Great day to cruise the corduroy!

Cruising on Buddy’s Run

Being on the mountain is my happy place. A place to check out from the daily demands and get away from it all. Years ago I would not ski unless there was measurable snow overnight, now I’m just happy to be on the mountain with a healthy body enjoying the serenity. It’s often I’m so focused on chasing powder and the uncut lines that when I do finally slow down and look around I remember just how special Steamboat is.

The mountain is skiing great, temps have been cold and the storm pattern appears to be getting more active. This last storm put the mountain in a great place helping our base out significantly and filling in those last spots.  The weather forecasts are showing snow over the weekend with a potential nice powder day on Sunday!

See you on the mountain! (I’m the tall guy grinning ear to ear)

Byron Carney, Alpine skier

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