Ski Tips From Olympian Caroline Lalive Carmichael

Steamboat Olympian Caroline Lalive Carmichael shares her adventures, experiences and tips for the Yampa Valley. Caroline retired from her skiing career after 13 years on the Women’s U.S. Ski Team and three Olympic Games. She currently co-hosts the Women’s Ski Clinics throughout the winter at Steamboat.

The Legacy

Perspective. It’s incredibly powerful and has enormous impact on how we live our lives. Recently my life drastically changed with the arrival of our daughter, Freya.  As any new parent knows, you experience the greatest joy coupled with the testing and stretching of your whole being. Life suddenly takes on a new hue, and you have a changed perspective. Needless to say, all this has me philosophizing about one’s legacy and what exactly that means in my life.

You often hear of athletes and great leaders leaving their legacy on the world of sports or within society. Here in Steamboat, we have been impacted with many great men and women leaving their legacy on our community. Whether it’s Buddy Werner or Gloria Gossard, we have their lasting remembrance. As I sit holding my daughter, I have thought about what legacy I would want to impart to her, and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s quite simple.

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The Learning Process

As the season nears and you are thinking about your first few turns, it’s a great time to tackle the process of learning or improving. Whether you’ve been skiing or snowboarding for 40 years or just getting into sport, there is always room to improve. For many, the hope is simply to keep up with kids or friends while others might want to be more efficient. Whatever the area of improvement might be, there are a few key ways to tap into that learning curve.

First, it’s important to realize that learning a skill can take place on and off the slopes. As an Olympic athlete, we worked hours upon hours with video analysis and visualization. Video allows you to capture the image mentally and translate what the movement or skill should look like as well as identify which areas you personally can improve. Equally, if not more prominent is the process of visualization. This taps into the power of the mind and the entire sensory aspect of our being.

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Falling for Autumn

Fall in Steamboat is an incredible experience. Whether you are enjoying a romantic walk through the golden-hued aspens or treating yourself to a quiet ride in the Zirkels, the crisp autumn days are magical. To get the inside scoop, I’ve asked a few locals what their perfect fall weekend looks like.

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The Dog in Dogma

I consider myself to be a spiritual person and am quite intrigued with the moral guidelines that we all live by. In my recent self-reflection, I feel I have come upon an incredible truth that has been somewhat life changing: Live like Fido. Wait, what? Yes, for all you dog lovers out there, you will absolutely relate to my new-found dogma. For those of you who are less inclined to the loyal, four-legged friends bear with me. You too might find insight into a more fulfilled life.

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Walks Make Life Better

I recently was reading a study that touted the mental and health benefits of taking a walk in the woods. The article stated that the Japanese actually have a special word for a walk in the woods, shinrin-yoku, which literally translates to “forest bathing.” How perfect is this description!

Living in Steamboat, most everyone knows the immediate sense of relief when we forgo the busy bike paths and streets and take a trip into our beautiful woods. Our souls are lighter and more free. Gone are the distractions of our busy and over-scheduled lives, and we are free to enjoy the magic of the moment. I have had this sense many times, whether it’s a walk in the wilderness or a ski through the ethereal aspens, the peace brings a calm to my mind and spirit.

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