All Good Things Must Come To A Close

Today is closing day, and it’s always bitter-sweet. On the one hand, the weather is gorgeous, and there is a ton of lighthearted activity happening on and around the mountain today. On the other hand, when things come to an end, I can’t help but feel a little sad.

As the seasons change, I find myself reflecting on how great life can be in Steamboat Springs over the course of a winter. Over the past 5 months, we have experienced expanded night skiing operations, loads of free concerts on the Steamboat Stage, the return of the U.S. Freestyle Championships and a slew of wonderful days exploring the mountain.

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Classic Fun

The second-to-last day on the mountain started with good ol’ classic fun.  Cardboard Classic fun, that is.  Today marked the 35th annual Cardboard Classic, and boy, oh, boy was it FUN!  I’m talking Banana Splits, Elementary Engineers (dressed as Coca-Cola polar bears), a Hot Mess Mario Cart, Puff the Magic Dragon, Dumpster Divers, Cool Runnings and many, many more.

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The End Is Near

The close of a ski season should be treated like nothing less than a sacred national holiday. A three-day holiday. It starts today, Steamboat.

Cha-ching. That’s me, clocking out of mundane business and clocking in for one last blast of ski mountain immersion. Last night, when I pulled down my husband and my tangled collection of 53 historic ski passes, not only did I get a great laugh at the expense of all our goofiness, but I realized we really have earned our keep as ski bums.

Skiers and riders, we’ve played hard this season. A lot of exciting turns have been made in a lot of crazy different kinds of snow. We’ve seen wonderful and weird, but snow is snow, and we’re always grateful for it. Give thanks to Mother Nature, Ullr, Buddha, Buddy or wherever else you direct your gratitude for the 231.75 inches of snow we received this season – three of which came yesterday.

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The Misty Mountain

Last call for powder! If you aren’t already on the mountain, get your gear and get up here now. With sun in the forecast for the weekend, this will probably be your last shot at powder for the year. It might be sugary spring powder, but it’s new snow none the less. So fake an illness, take a long lunch or get out of bed and get up here.

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Ta Ta For Now!

It’s getting weird out there, snow sports friends.  The skiing is an adventure no matter where you are on the mountain.  Itching for the beach?  It’s right here at the bottom of the mountain.  Still wanting winter?  It’s headed our way this evening with forecasts calling for 2 to 10 inches. (If you’re still paying attention to winter forecasts, check out Steamboat Powdercats’ weather page.) And then, like the good spring-summer-winter we’ve been rolling through, temps are expected to be back in the 50s and 60s for the weekend.

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