Slicing and Dicing

Today, for me, was mainly about ripping over some sweet groomed corduroy. There’s been so much powder in the last month I almost forgot how much I appreciate the sweet and supple thrill of slicing and dicing across the rippled terrain of freshly groomed snow.
2016-2-7 (4)-WEB
With the big game on TV later this evening, I also felt compelled to get my exercise in early so as avoid feeling guilty about gorging on hot wings and queso dip while I watch the Broncos become national champions. And since today’s snow was grippy and secure under my edges, leaning my entire weight on my downhill ski was of no concern at all. Shifting from one side to another in rapid fashion was the best way I could find to get my thighs burning and my heart pumping. I couldn’t help but act like Von Miller out there, ducking and dodging my way around any and all snow obstacles as I made my way to the next quarterback (i.e. chairlift). Continue reading

Any Way You Want It

I have to call the ski report every morning now because what was a beautiful view of the South side of Sunshine Peak is now an eves deep load of snow.  My kitchen windows are literally buried!  All around town I hear things like; “there hasn’t been snow like this since ’96” or “has it even been different fronts? Or is it just one looong storm?” and “That’s the biggest pile of snow in town, wait, I think that one’s bigger”.  Today and tomorrow the city will take all of those crazy piles of snow and spread them down main street for horses, skiers, cats, and snowmobiles to play and compete on.  The street events and diamond hitch parade are some of the most impressive facets of Steamboat Springs history, but I still think that the best part of the Winter Carnival is the plow trucks that push all the snow from the streets afterwards.

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A Wonderfully Deep 4″

Just 4″, says the official snow measurer?  Either your measuring stick is wonky, or that was a mini-me out there enjoying fresh, knee-deep blower on the Priest Creek lift line  this morning. This is the snow that made Steamboat famous, by far the lightest dump we’ve had in recent weeks, and it’s still coming down. Giant crystalized globs are floating out of the sky, piling up on delicate aspen branches, filling in our tracks.

It’s Winter Carnival weekend. Traffic comes to a standstill downtown as the snow heaps up on Lincoln Avenue for all kinds of ski and shovel-riding horse-drawn feats. The competition is fierce. It is proof that Steamboat kids are fearless. And here’s the big hint: Because the entire town will be partying on Lincoln Avenue on Saturday and Sunday mornings, those who take advantage of early ski days will feel like you have the ski area and a ton of beautiful snow to yourself.

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A Perfect Combination

What a great morning in Steamboat making fast turns on soft and grippy snow under that beautiful blue Colorado sky.  It has been quite the season with powder days outnumbering the sunny days, so when that blue sky is out, it’s time to get on the mountain and enjoy some turns with a view.  With temperatures in the single digits this morning, the mountain was very quiet first thing, offering solitude among the snow-caked trees in every direction.

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Deciphering Groundhog Predictions

Apparently Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow yesterday. That means Steamboat didn’t get the message — or we’re just hunkering in for one of those long, notorious snowbound springs in Colorado. If you’re shoveling as well as skiing this season, the groundhog may have offered his greatest blessing — and curse. Since I’m making turns in freshies this morning, amidst an insane work week, I’ll throw down with the blessing.

In a nutshell, it’s pure winter out there. Another seven inches of fresh snow piled on the seven that we reported yesterday. It’s still snowing. My tele turns just earned an entire run of untracked thigh shots on Valley View. But layer up because were starting near zero today, and the forecast calls for a high of 15 degrees. It was no small sacrifice to remove my mitten to snap a few photos for you this morning.

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