Spring Park Sessions

Steamboat’s terrain parks are where it’s at this spring! Take advantage of these sunny days, build up your mental game, and hit the jibs and jumps today. Or better yet, practice for the Spring Rail Jam on Saturday!

The Steamboat Park Crew has worked hard to build parks packed with features for you to style it out. The parks are designed with progression in mind to allow skiers and riders to build up their bags of tricks and safely learn to huck and jib.

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Spring Bliss

Good morning from a perfect spring day in Steamboat!

A crystal clear bluebird sky and warm morning sun have this week off to a great start.  It’s that time of the year when the snow has a major transition during the day and timing of runs are determined by the position of the sun.  For early morning turns, I usually point my skis toward Sunshine Express because it gets the first rays of sun smiling down on the manicured corduroy.

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Difference Between Light and Dark

The early morning rays cast long shadows on the slopes today and the runs were sprinkled with magic. I could tell a noticeable difference between the snow that had already begun to warm and that which sat in the shadows. The contrast between light and dark, or sun and shade, is extremely noticeable and might dictate where you ski.

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Follow the Sun

It’s another beautiful day in sunny Steamboat!  I’ve been extremely lucky the past few days, getting to spend some quality time on the mountain.  If you read the Straight Talk reports from Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, then you already know that it’s been great.  Before the snow fell last week, I was getting a bit worried. I think we all were.  But with a little luck, the spring snow gods delivered 10 inches midweek, and my, oh, my, was it nice.  Thursday was awesome!  New snow, colder temps, a touch of spring and a kiss of winter made for perfect conditions.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out.

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More Cow Bell

Ahhh, the sweet lingering effects of this week’s 12.5” of fresh snow. I’m still grinning from Wednesday’s ultra fun powder day that snuck up on us to deliver a full day of freshies wherever you turned.  Those flakes have given us a renewed lease on spring skiing, and they’ve offered the groomers a fresh palette with which to work their magic.

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